Ipswich Eagles retain indoor speedway national title as Boaler and Burgess crowned individual winners

Ipswich Eagles retain indoor speedway national title as Boaler and Burgess crowned individual winners

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The cycle speedway British Indoor Championships saw Ipswich Eagles take the open team title for the fourth successive year, while Mark Boaler and Emily Burgess were crowned the individual senior champions.

In Saturday’s open team competition, Matt Hill beat Kesgrave’s Ryker Jolly in a run-off after both teams scored 44 points to give Ipswich Eagles their fourth win in a row. The Kesgrave Panthers redeemed themselves, claiming the junior open team title six points ahead of Poole and a string of individual results.

Luca Woodhouse won the under-14 title in an all Kesgrave podium, with Demi-Blu Harris and Lily Parr taking second and third, respectively. Kesgrave’s Charlie Parr took the national champions jersey in the under-16 equivalent, with teammate Ryker Jolly securing third as JJ Wildman from Exter Aces came in second. Jolly also claimed the silver in the junior individual event after a run-off with his teammate Noah Woodhouse, but it was Poole’s Kenzie Bennett that took the national title with a maximum 20 points, proving his worth as the current world champion.

Under-16 podium

On Sunday, Poole’s Mark Boaler secured the senior individual open title on 17 points, while it was a battle for second between Ipswich Eagles teammates and brothers Matt Hill and Ashley Hill. Matt just got the better in the run-off, beating Ashley to take the silver medal.

Emily Burgess showed off her sprinting prowess to take the senior individual female win for Sheffield Stars on a storming 20 points. World under-19 silver medallist Maddie Saunders from Poole finished second on 17 points, while Ella Case of Kesgrave Panthers rounded off the podium in the bronze.

In the veteran categories, Great Blakenham’s Craig Marchant took a maximum 20 points to claim the over-40 individual title, while Steve Harris of Astley and Tyldesley secured the over-50 national championship jersey on 17 points.

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Full podiums

Senior individual open

  1. Mark Boaler (Poole CSC) - 17 points
  2. Matt Hill (Ipswich Eagles CSC) - 16 points
  3. Ashley Hill (Ipswich Eagles CSC) - 16 points

Senior individual female

  1. Emily Burgess (Sheffield Stars CSC) - 20 points
  2. Maddie Saunders (Poole CSC) - 17 points
  3. Ella Case (Kesgrave Panthers) - 16 points

Open team

  1. Ipswich Eagles - 44 points
  2. Kesgrave Panthers - 44 points
  3. Exeter Aces - 35 points
  4. Poole - 33 points

Junior team

  1. Kesgrave Panthers – 55 points
  2. Poole – 49 points
  3. Exeter Aces – 34 points

Junior individual open

  1. Kenzie Bennett (Poole CSC) - 20 points
  2. Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave CSC) - 18 points
  3. Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave CSC) - 18 points

Under-16 individual open

  1. Charlie Parr (Kesgrave Panthers) - 19 points
  2. JJ Wildman (Exeter Aces) - 18 points
  3. Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave Panthers) - 17 points

Under-14 individual open

  1. Luca Woodhouse (Kesgrave Panthers) - 20 points
  2. Demi-Blu Harris (Kesgrave Panthers) - 18 points
  3. Lily Parr (Kesgrave Panthers) - 18 points

Over-40 individual open

  1. Craig Marchant (Great Blakenham CSC) - 20 points
  2. Steve Harris (Astley and Tyldesley CSC) - 17 points
  3. Mark Whitehead (Leicester CSC) - 16 points

Over-50 individual open

  1. Steve Harris (Astley and Tyldesley CSC) - 17 points
  2. Mark Whitehead (Leicester CSC) - 16 points
  3. Paul Timms (Birmingham Monarchs CSC) - 10 points