Horspath defeat Poole in Elite League

Horspath defeat Poole in Elite League

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Wednesfield v Sheffield | Elite League  
Location: Wednesfield Cycle Speedway, Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park, Wednesfield
Event: 1 September 2013

In this Elite League encounter the home team were looking to even the score after the disappointment of the defeat in the corresponding away fixture earlier this season.     

The Aces had to wait until heat five before they could break the deadlock of 5-5 scorelines and that came with a win for Ricki Johnson over the Star's Pawel Idszorek and a third place for Scott Doherty proving too strong for Sheffield's reserve Kyle Holland 6-4 to the Aces.                                                                                  

The home side put a bit more space between the visitors in the next race with another 6-4 with a win for the impressive Ben Mould back in elite league action for the first time since his match ban from the corresponding fixture back in May, second Zareeba and Jewkes taking the vital third place over Ryan Hoyland.                                                     

The next race was another 5-5 with a win for Lee Aris and Matt Smith taking second spot with his team partner Jamie Ball doing the holding job on Aces Ricki Johnson keeping him at the back,                                                            

But that spurred the Aces to turn the screw a bit with another couple of 6-4's running up to the interval the first from Heard & Marchant against Chambers & Idszorek and the next from Jewkes & Haddock over Hoyland & Reed.                           

After the break the Aces came out and stormed to the first 7-3 of the meeting with a flying start and third win of the afternoon for Ben Mould but even more impressive was the second place taken by Scott Doherty showing a great improvement in form after recently suffering from a painfull toe injury he passed Zareeba on the back straight as if he were standing still,  

The Aces piled the pressure on the visitors in the next with another 7-3 from Heard & Marchant over Ball & Smith that was after the race had been stopped and restarted several times for first turn incidents.                                 

The next three heats were shared 5-5 with Zareeba being taken out of heat 12 obviously still suffering from his defeat in heat 10, come heat 15 and the first exclusion of the meeting from Referee Bob Prince putting out Jamie Ball when his race tactics went just a little too far taking Paul Heard off the outer boundary of the track, in the re-run the Aces took full advantage with a 7-2 the win to Heard and another second place from the reserve birth for Scott Doherty.                    

The home team now just cruised to the finish line with two more 6-4s before the final heat that saw two more exclusions the first to Matt Smith for moving at the start and the in the re-run Paul Head did the same leaving Ben Mould to go out and take his 4th race win of the day against Idszorek.


Wednesfield Aces 101: Ben Mould 19, Lee Aris 18+1, Paul Heard 16, Chris Jewkes 13+1, Ricki Johnson 11, Craig Marchant 10+2, Scott Doherty 7+2, Matt Haddock 6.

Sheffield Stars 74: Pawel Idszorek 17, Damian Zareeba 11, Matt Smith 11, Ryan Hoyland 10+1, Jamie Ball 9+2, Jake Reed 7+1, Dan Chambers 6, Kyle Holland 2, Zak Smurthwaite 1.

Birmingham v Ipswich | Elite League
Location: Birmingham Cycle Speedway, Perry Barr, Birmingham
Event: 1 September 2012

Birmingham Monarchs got back into league action this weekend and welcomed Ipswich Eagles to Perry Park. Birmingham welcomed back Scott Millward who has been out through injury but were missing key riders in Parrish and Evans.

Ipswich had strength in depth as always with their young hard chargers in the side as well.

The Suffolk visitors started the brighter with four 6-4′s though heat three saw controversy as Chris Timms fell head over heels on the back straight but the referee awarded the race with Timms picking up a point for fourth. The visitors were not happy but held a 24-16 lead.

Heat five saw Kieron Jones pick up the first heat win for Birmingham as they claimed a 5-5 as Rumbold and Ashley Hill filled in the minor places. Heat six saw a rerun as the original start saw Timms and Chittock tangle in the first bend. In the restart Richard Fellgett showed his talents and speed as he made it two wins out of two for the under 16 rostrum rider.

Heat seven saw Mower and Joe Kemp battling hard and a great tussle looked on till referee Spicer excluded Kemp for kicking the back wheel of the Ipswich rider. Heat eight and nine saw wins in Monarchs colours for Konrad Pietak and Mark Winwood as going into the break Ipswich lead 50-39.

After the interval Jones once more took the flag as Timms claimed third for a 6-4 advantage to the West Midlanders. Heat eleven saw the same as Pietak never looked in trouble as behind him Nathan Groves got the better of Lewis Roberts for third place to make it 51-58.

Heat thirteen saw drama as Chris Timms and Mark Winwood chased Adam Peck down till Timms went for the inside going to the line. Timms went down but referee Robin Spicer awarded a 7-3 to Birmingham and excluded Peck the surprise of the Ipswich management. Roberts and Rumbold though claimed a 7-3 of their own in the next heat to make it 72-66 to Ipswich.

Heat fifteen saw the last piece of drama as Jones, who was flying for Birmingham, was stuck Mower. With the Welshman getting more and more annoyed he went for a lunge up the inside of the Eagles man and they both went down. Jones was excluded for a ram though like other decisions on the day it was questionable. With three heats to go Ipswich held a seven point lead which they held onto til the last heat when a 7-3 from Pietak and Timms made the final score Birmingham 86-91 Ipswich


Birmingham 86: Millward 14, J.Kemp 2, Pietak 19, Groves 5+1, Winwood 16+1, P.Timms 12+2, C.Timms 6, Jones 12.

Ipswich 91: Peck 13, A.Hill 10+2, Fellgett 17, Chittock 8+1, Roberts 10+1, Mower 13+1, M.Hill 9+1, Rumbold 11+2.

Poole v Horspath | Elite League
Location: Poole Cycle Speedway, Poole, Dorset
Event: 1 September 2013

Minus the services of three of their key riders, Poole were always going to be vulnerable to a determined Horspath side which was at full strength for the return fixture at a packed Harbourside Park.

However for much of the first half, the home side built up a steady lead thanks to three 6-4's in the first four heats only to suffer a 7-3 reversal just before the break which brought it back to 46-44. From that point onwards, things went steadily downhill for the hosts who suffered 4 crucial exclusions in 9 second half heats from referee Colin Simmons.

First Arron Smith was ruled out in heat 10 when Poole looked to have a 6-4 in the bag and Horspath grabbed a 6-3 in the re-start. Two heats later Arek Szymanski was ruled out when dicing for the lead with Jack Harrold and once again the Hammers capitalised with a 7-2 to lead 57-61.

Jack Harrold was also involved in the next incident in heat 15 when Poole were on to a 7-3 from Steve Harris and Arron Smith. Harrold and Smith clashed and the home rider got his marching orders for the second time in the match. With the race restarted, it was the Hammers who were able to take another 7-2 to lead by an almost invincible 8 points.

Glover and Glluchowski teamed up for a heat 17 7-3 over Boaler to give Poole an outside chance of squaring the match as the scoreline moved to 81-85 but with the powerful Nowacki/Carmichael pairing off inside gates it looked a long shot which disappeared completely when Thomas Reed found himself back in the pits after a robust tussle with the Welshman.

Horspath with two defeats, know they must win their remaining two matches and hope that Poole slip up again. They have the easier run-in against Birmingham and Ipswich while Poole entertain Wednesfield in 3 weeks hoping that Marcin Szymanski and Gavin Wheeler will be back in action after their recent injuries for they were both sorely missed on todays' performance.


Poole 83: Greg Gluchowski 17 Arek Szymanski 14 Thomas Reed 13 Phil Howells 12, Leyton Glover 10 Steve Harris 8 Arron Morgan 8 Aaron Smith 1.

Horspath 92: Mark Carmichael 18 Jack Harrold 16 Mark Boaler 15 Lukasz Nowacki 15, Matty Szymczak 9 Sean Rudman 9 Zac Payne 5 Lewis Bates 5.