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Convoy drivers

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Road race convoy drivers

There are various opportunities to drive in road race convoys. The different vehicles perform a range of tasks, including providing safety, or supporting riders and officials. It is important that all drivers understand and follow agreed guidelines to minimise risks to riders and the public.

Which roles involve driving in a road race convoy?

The list below highlights some of the driver roles which could be included in a regional road race.

  • Lead car drivers
  • Motorcycle marshals
  • Commissaire drivers
  • Neutral service car drivers
  • First aid drivers
  • Broom wagon drivers

Why do we need driving guidelines?

Driving in a convoy can be exciting, but there are agreed expectations which drivers should follow for safe movement of the convoy and to minimise risk to competitors and spectators.  These guidelines are defined in British Cycling’s ConvoyCraft.

What is ConvoyCraft?

ConvoyCraft is a set of best-practice guidelines that detail the skills, awareness and understanding of road race convoy driving, providing an agreed and recognised level of driving standards across all British Cycling road race events.

Where do I get more information?

Event insurance

Event officials benefit from liability cover under British Cycling’s liability insurance for registered events. Further details can be found here.

Interested in being a driver in a road race convoy?

Please contact your regional cycle sport developer for more information about becoming a driver and supporting road races.