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Club type: Club
Affiliated: 31/12/2019
Affilation status: Active

Total club members: 48

About our club

Launceston Velo is a newly established cycling club based in Launceston, Cornwall. The club is affiliated with 'British Cycling' and 'Cycling Time Trials'. Launceston Velo was formally established in 2016 to provide a cycling community for those cyclists present in the local and surrounding areas. The clubs aim is to provide a social environment for members to enjoy a shared interest whilst offering opportunity to those who wish to take it.
The club provides rides suitable for differing abilities and a new Spring to Autumn fortnightly absolute beginners ride means we cater for all. It is expected that riders will develop a basic level of cycling fitness and skill before joining a club C ride and are able to ride approximately 30 miles at an average speed of 12mph. Riders will also be expected to have the ability to drink coffee and eat cake somewhere in the middle of the 30 miles!
All new riders will be expected to join the social 'C' group for their first ride. The more experienced riders can teach us a thing or two before joining a ride more suitable for their skills and abilities.
The club provides Sunday and Tuesday social rides and Wednesday evening beginners, social and training rides. These rides are likely to vary during the winter months.
Launceston Velo hopes to provide the opportunity for local cyclists to maintain and develop their cycling aspirations. It is hoped that the club rides that are provided are diverse to suit individual training requirements whether that be to increase speed, distance or develop specific riding skills.
The club at present is not in a position to support youth membership. Youth riders aged 18 years and under can attend club rides once a parental consent form has been completed and only when the youth rider is accompanied by a responsible adult who has been identified through the consent form.
Launceston Velo aim to encourage and support both male and female cyclists and the club is fortunate to have a number of both male and female representation as nominated ride leaders, club members and committee members.
Membership to Launceston Velo is £12 a year and is payable through the British Cycling website. Riders are welcome to participate in three club rides before they are required to purchase a membership. As a paid member you will benefit from weekly scheduled, planned and led club rides where you will be taken to some of the best coffee stops in Cornwall and Devon. You will have the opportunity to benefit from the skills and experience of other club members and share relevant experiences. Members will be informed and updated through a number of channels including social media of local events. Club entry to many of these events will be encouraged. Members can receive a reduction in the cost of a British Cycling membership and a 10% discount at a number of local bicycle retail stores is offered. Social evenings and events will be organised throughout the year to offer riders from varying ability groups the opportunity to meet more informally and to see what we all look like without helmets!!
Launceston Velo is governed by a small committee of members. The committee meet on a monthly basis and copies of the minutes can be obtained on request. The committee hope that the club meets the needs of its members. To ensure this regular consultation will take place with members through the use of surveys, informal discussion and invitation to committee meetings. Members are invited to and encouraged to share ideas around club rides, routes and offered to lead rides should they wish. Constant feedback is welcomed to ensure that club members get the most out of being a Launceston Velo member.
The members of Launceston Velo will welcome you, support you, encourage you and most of all look forward to meeting you.

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Club contact: Miss Kayleigh Stringer
Email: Email the club
Postcode: PL15 7AB

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Launceston Velo
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