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Club type: Club
Affiliated: 31/12/2024
Affilation status: Active

Total club members: 168

About our club

Chiswick Cycling Club was formed in January 2015. We are a local club for local people and have an eclectic mix of member from those with a club and racing background to those who are looking to develop from being a cyclist to a rider. One thing that is clear is that we are all motivated to enhance our fellowship and camaraderie whereupon you can hook up with a ride and recognise and know the group and individual riders around you.

Riding standard is varied but we have never found a mismatch yet in our rides.

We teach group riding skills to those not acquainted with the technique and look to help new riders - we NEVER DROP A RIDER. We have established a training ride on Saturday morning to help home these skills.

Our ethos is developing as a club and will probably become more established over time. We have a wealth of knowledge around bikes and we also make sure we balance our riding with social events as well.

The best way to test us out is to ride a couple of rides with us. That we would welcome. You can then work out whether this works for you or not and then choose to join us.

We have an established ride programme that includes a Thursday evening fast racing stye ride with all rides starting and finishing at the George and Devonshire, Hogarth Roundabout. In addition, we have started a complimentary medium pace Thursday night ride that runs between March and early November. Thursday's ride starts at 19.00 with Friday at 12.00, Saturday training ride at 8.00 and Sunday where we put on multiple rides for varying abilities now start with moderated times from 8.00 to 8.30.

We now have other events that includes:

a) Social events and AGM
b) Excursions to Northern Europe and France
c) Riding to support our CX and racing colleagues

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Club contact: Mr Simon Letch
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This club has not yet setup online purchasing of club membership subscriptions.

We are open to

Adults (over 16)
Female Cyclists
Male Cyclists
Novice riders (rides up to 1hr)
Intermediate riders (1-3 hrs)
Advanced riders (rides 3hr+)
Racing cyclists

When we train

Day Time Traffic Free
Thursday 19:00 No
Sunday 08:30 No
Friday 12:00 No
Saturday 08:00 No