Report: BMX World Championships 2010

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Report: BMX World Championships 2010
Shanaze Reade 2010 UCI BMX World Champion

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BBC Sport Video: Shanaze Reade Interview | Finals Coverage

Shanaze Reade is the 2010 UCI BMX World Champion and will get to wear the rainbow jersey into 2011. After a two year break, Reade came back from injury and Olympic disappointment to retake the biggest annual prize in BMX racing.

Video Edit By Corrine Walder For British Cycling Online

Immediately after winning the finals, Reade was overcome with emotion and hardly able to speak during the post-race interview, just catching enough breath for a few words.

"It's absolutely amazing" Reade said, as a tear ran down her cheek. "I'm emotional at the moment but the feeling is so good. Missing the Worlds last year has driven me on in training, every day pushing harder and today all the hard work has paid off."

After a tough week on the track - which according to the commentators included several heavy crashes - Reade looked below par in her first moto. The gate was good, but in the second straight Reade looked out of her depth and this raised early worries.

Onlookers should not have worried however, because whatever Reade did between moto one and two solved her second straight jitters, with wins over tough opposition through the remaining motos.

By the knockout stages Reade was gating consistently and significantly faster than her rivals, with a bike length by the first turn. The third straight was now hooking up Reade's rear wheel, but by the final the perfect run came together. Nobody was close in the gate and although defending champion Sarah Walker was ever-present, there was nowhere to make a move.

Crossing the line Reade looked lost, hugged Walker and moments later fell to her knees in shock. In just one week Reade could race the British BMX Series in Gosport and should travel arrangements work out she's sure to receive a heroes welcome on her return to domestic racing.

For the British representation in the men's World Championships it was bad news - Marcus Bloomfield, riding as a privateer outside of the funded British Federation sustained an injury during practice and had a tough time in the motos. While funded rider Liam Phillips took no further part after a heavy crash in the second moto. There's no news on his condition but at the time of the crash Phillips was holding his shoulder, which has sustained serious injury in the past.

We will have a full replay of the racing as soon as it's available, as well as a behind the scenes video from the GB Camp later in the week.