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Regional governance – everything you need to know

Regional governance – everything you need to know

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Over the coming weeks each of British Cycling’s 10 Regions will be holding their AGMs, and there are plenty of ways in which British Cycling members can get involved and make a valuable contribution to our sport.

All British Cycling members who live in England are assigned to a regions by virtue of their home postcode. Members who live in Scotland or Wales should refer to Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling for information on governance in the home nations.

How do I know which region I’ve been assigned to?

Your region is printed on your British Cycling membership card, and you can also find it through the settings on your member dashboard.

Regional postcodes can be found here – and please note they do not necessarily follow traditional county boundaries, and in fact some postcodes are split across regions at the district and sub-district level. You can only change region if you move to a postcode in another region.

Does this mean I can’t race outside my region?

No – your region only affects your eligibility to race in regional championships and to represent your region in inter-regional competition. All other club and racing opportunities are open to everyone.

Where can I find out more about the British Cycling regions?

A volunteer supporting a Go-Ride session

What are Regional Boards?

Each region has its own Regional Board, made up of volunteers, and these boards hold regional council meetings where representatives of clubs and private members can get involved and make their views heard.

Many of the Regional Boards also run various working groups, and there are also opportunities to get involved in more practical volunteer roles. These opportunities will often be advertised through your region’s own website or social media page. More information on these can be found through the links above, and further information on volunteering opportunities with British Cycling can be found here.

Current British Cycling clubs can nominate up to five Regional Councillors (depending on the number of British Cycling members in their club) to attend the Regional AGM and vote on a range of issues. If you are interested in being a Regional Councillor you should contact your club in the first instance.

If you are not a member of a club you can still attend and be involved in Regional AGMs and Regional Councils. All British Cycling members are able to attend, five Regional Councillor positions are allocated for non-club members. These five positions will be drawn at random from all attending non-club members.

Many of this year’s Regional AGMs and Regional Councils will be held online, and information will be shared in advance through our weekly Member News email and directly with Club Secretaries.

Why get involved?

If you want to have your voice and your views heard and shape the future of the sport in your area this is the perfect place to start. Regional Boards and meetings are open to all members and many are now seeking to diversify their make-up to become more representative of the wider membership and our sport as a whole.

Through sharing your skills, expertise and experience you can make a huge difference and truly give something back to the sport. Many of our regional volunteers provide vital skills and knowledge from their ‘day jobs’ in areas such as finance, communications and development, but if that sounds like too much of a busman’s holiday for you there are plenty of cycling-specific roles available to.

Want to find out more? Head to the Get Involved section of our website.