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About Scottish Cycling

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Scottish Cycling is the national governing body for cycling in Scotland and works in conjunction with British and Welsh Cycling, together we are the governing bodies of the sport of cycling across the UK.

Based at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow, Scottish Cycling works hard to develop the sport across multiple disciplines and at all levels, from grass roots to the performance development programmes which feed into the Great Britain Cycling Team and Team Scotland for the Commonwealth Games.

We are more than sport however, every day Scottish Cycling’s 31 members of staff engage with our club network to help them grow, to develop coaching, education and volunteer opportunities, to facilitate a calendar of events throughout Scotland and to help groups and individuals become engaged with the world of cycling.

What is a Home Nation and which should I join?

Scottish and Welsh Cycling are unique, where everywhere else in the UK is ran centrally from British Cycling, Scotland and Wales as Home Countries have direct control over the policy and direction of cycling within their own borders, when you live in Scotland, your membership money goes to Scotland, we have the unique benefit of being part of a larger and stronger UK wide community with fantastic benefits and opportunities while maintaining the freedom to develop cycling in a way that is aligned to our own national identity.

When you become a member of British Cycling you also become a member of the national body of where you live, Scottish Cycling for those who live in Scotland, Welsh Cycling for Wales and British Cycling for anywhere else in the UK, you only need to pay for a membership with British Cycling, there is no need to pay any additional fees to become a member of Scottish Cycling and it all happens automatically.

Every British Cycling member who lives in Scotland benefits from what Scottish Cycling does to develop the sport - the more members in Scotland, the bigger the voice we have. Therefore British Cycling members who reside in Scotland benefit not only from the great insurance and membership deals that are UK wide, but also from the club development, volunteer development and event support that Scottish Cycling offer north of the border.

Not to mention the work we do with the government and local authorities to make the cycling facilities and cycle sport infrastructure in your area better. It’s a win, win!

How much does membership of British Cycling/Scottish Cycling cost?

Membership prices can be found on the “Membership” page on our website, which is hosted on the British Cycling website. You can find out some of the great benefits of being a member there too.

Do I have to be a member of British Cycling/Scottish Cycling to take part in an event or join a club?

Some events require you to have a British Cycling/Scottish Cycling membership and possibly a race licence – however you may also be able to buy a day licence if you do not want one for a full season. There are events you can take part in without a British Cycling membership which you can find on our event calendar – however, you are missing out on some great benefits without one.

You can join most clubs in Scotland without being a member of British Cycling/Scottish Cycling - however quite often you are asked to have some level of insurance before going out on club rides. We offer a fantastic insurance package as part of our membership - definitely worth a look!