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Welsh Cycling is recognised as the governing body for the sport in Wales, and recognised as a home nation in the structure of British Cycling. Together, we are committed to promoting and protecting cycling through corporate governance and professional administration.

Welsh Cycling is repsonsible for the overall structure of cycling in Wales, and act as the first point of contact for clubs, volunteers and members who are part of the cycling community in Wales. Safeguarding, equality and inclusion are key priorities for Welsh Cycling in order for us to protect and progress the sport and its particpants. This requires robust structures to protect the interests of all stakeholders in the sport.

Welsh Cycling is also repsonsible for the for selection to represent Team Wales at the Commonwealth Games.

British Cycling is responsible for the management of disciplinary cases within the sport of cycling. The purpose of these disciplinary rules is to provide clear and uniform procedures for handling cases.

In particular, the rules encourage members to accept a predetermined sanction for given acts of misconduct rather than undergoing a full tribunal, but establish an impartial panel of decision makers with clear rules for evidence and standards of proof should a full disciplinary hearing be required.

The disciplinary rules are benchmarked against acknowledged best practice of other sports' National Governing Bodies and we are confident that they provide our members with a fair, robust and consistent approach to disciplinary matters.

As in any sport, the organisation’s success is underpinned by the dedication and enthusiasm of our members who have a key role in governing Welsh Cycling. All issues can be discussed and decided upon at Welsh Cycling's Annual General Meeting. Welsh Cycling is also represented at British Cycling’s Annual General Meeting – known as National Council.

You can also find our updated byelaws here.

Welsh Cycling Customer Charter details the service you can expect from Welsh Cycling and its staff. If you wish to contact us regarding the service you have received, please read the Customer Charter on how to do so.

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