New Technical Regulations to come into effect on 1 March 2020

New Technical Regulations to come into effect on 1 March 2020

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British Cycling has today published its new Technical Regulations, which will come into effect on March 1 2020.

After a wide-ranging consultation process which has involved Scottish Cycling, Welsh Cycling, discipline commissions, commissaires and referees, members, team managers and event organisers, the Technical Regulations have been updated so that they properly serve those already operating within the sport, and those new to cycle sport.

The new Technical Regulations are available to read here, while the 2019 regulations, which will continue to be adhered to across all disciplines until February 29 2020, are here.

British Cycling’s Head of Legal, Jo Seed, explains:

“We’re delighted to be able to publicise our updated Technical Regulations. This has been an extensive process. While the changes are by no means wholesale, we are confident that these streamlined, concise Technical Regulations will be seen as a hugely positive step by all involved.

“We have consulted with countless people throughout all levels of our sport during this process, and we thank them all for their time and their efforts. Of course, cycling continues to evolve, and our governance must do the same. Therefore, we will continue to seek the opinions of those involved regarding further areas of improvement in future years.”

For clarity, British Cycling has also produced roadmap documents, highlighting where a previous regulation now sits in the new Technical Regulations. These can be accessed here.

In order to streamline the Technical Regulations, mandatory requirements for event organisation has been moved to a separate document. These are available to view here.