Event Requirements - 2020 Technical Regulations

Event Requirements - 2020 Technical Regulations

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In line with the publication of British Cycling’s new Technical Regulations, we have produced a series of event requirements, which can be accessed below.

In accordance with British Cycling’s terms and conditions, these event requirements are mandatory (and have the same effect as if still within the Technical Regulations).

These requirements are pre-existing and do not represent wholesale changes. Instead, they have been removed from, and now supplement the Technical Regulations and other British Cycling guidance and handbooks. These changes ensure that the Technical Regulations are easily digestible and concise.

These requirements, along with the new Technical Regulations, will come into effect on March 1 2020 and are of particular relevance to event organisers, commissaires and officials. We would encourage those groups to familiarise themselves with these requirements.

BMX Racing

Cycle Speedway


General, Road & Track

Mountain Bike

Please note that the 2019 Regulations, available here, will continue to be adhered to until February 29 2020.