Resources for event organisers

Resources for event organisers

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British Cycling is committed to ensuring the quality and standards of events are kept high and that we provide you with the best advice and guidance to help plan and deliver your event.

As part of British Cycling's continued support for registered event organisers, we now provide a full and comprehensive list of resources and guides exclusively for your reference. Resources available include risk assessment guides, event checklists and volunteer recruitment advice, as well as quick guides to assist you when using different tools via the British Cycling Event Management System (EMS).

To view the list of resources, please log in to your dashboard . Scroll down the page and click on 'useful resources' and then choose your discipline.

If you haven't yet got your organiser dashboard and are thinking of organising an event you may find the documents below useful:

Covid-19 Event Planning Tool

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Template

Covid-19 Behaviour Code

Rider Declaration

Non-competitive event guidelines

Competitive rules and regulations

 Time trial event entry form - PDF

Time trial event entry form - Word

Time trial results return

Road permit application

Track permit application

*Note that PDF forms will only work with updated versions of Adobe. To ensure that PDF forms save correctly please save the PDF form before editing. Save again once you have completed the form.