Youth Sprintfest 2013 at the National Cycling Centre

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Location: National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester
Event: 02 - 03 March 2013


Manchester Velodrome is set to host the Youth Sprintfest 2013 on 02 - 03 March. Talent development coach and event organiser Tim Buckle is calling this Sprintfest III Armegeddon!

The event will include a 200m time trial, sprint ladder races that will take the form of three ups, and one on one match sprints with some handicaps included.

Riders will be expected to organise themselves in every aspect from kit to fuelling to time keeping with the D a parent-free zone. There will be coach assistance and feedback facility via video camera from sprint riders and coaches past and present.

Girls Youth B, A as well as Junior will all ride together, so all girls will be requested to ride on Youth A gears

In the male event Youth As will be given priority in the entries. In the female event, Youth A and Junior girls will be given priority.

The event has a capacity of 30 boys and 15 girls, entries close Saturday 23 February. so enter online now.

Sprint Coaching Videos

In the meantime, whether you will be taking part or just aspire to improve your coaching, have a look at the videos below. This is a selection of the moves and techniques the riders will be expected to display over the weekend. These videos were produced for the Great Britain Cycling Team by the EIS (English Institute of Sport).