National Track Championships - Day 2

National Track Championships - Day 2

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28th Sept - 2nd Oct | Manchester Velodrome
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Day 2: Women's Pursuit | Open Points | Open Kilometre TT | Paracycling 200m FS TT

Day two saw three new Paracycling world records and national titles for Peter Kennaugh in the Points, Joanna Rowsell in the Pursuit, Matt Rotherham adding the senior Kilo title to his junior crown and Jon Allan Butterworth winning his second title in the Paracycling 200m TT.

Evening Session

Prior to the scheduled events the North West Regional Youth Team Pursuit squad set a new record of 3:21.690 for the 3000m pursuit which warmed up the crowd nicely ahead of the main course.

Men's 40km Points Final

Peter Kennaugh is national points race champion, in a dominant and controlled display, fending off a multitude of attacks from a trio of 100%ME riders. Riding without a teammate, Kennaugh had to do it all himself and the 100%ME boys Mark Christian, Jon Mould and Simon Yates, joined by Owain Doull and others, launched tag-team attacks in an attempt to wear down the Sky rider, the standout favourite from the earlier heats.

Kennaugh laid down the foundations of his win early on taking the first sprint then continued to score consistently throughout, hardly ever out of the points. The pivotal moment came when Christian, Dibben, Duggleby, Kennaugh, Moses, Mould, Rutherford and Simon Yates all gained a lap. The selection was made early on after which a number of riders tried to get back on terms with the leading eight.

There followed a flurry of attacks from the 100%ME boys, all desperate to eat into Kennaugh's lead. Adam Yates and Erick Rowsell gained a lap, meaning that 10 riders were now a lap up. Kennaugh continued to pick up points but a further sift was needed. Right on cue Kennaugh attacked with the three %100ME riders and quickly took a further lap. Suddenly it was a four horse race. Kennaugh didn't look back, going on to steadily consolidate his lead.

From here on it was essentially if not mathematically a race for silver and bronze. With three sprints left it was Mould in silver medal position, a place he strengthened by bagging the next five points. This moved Mould to within striking distance of Kennaugh and the Sky rider was taking no chances and attacked, winning the sprint and assuring gold. Dibben won the penultimate sprint with Mould claiming a further point and looking safe in silver. Come the final sprint and Kennaugh underlined his point, winning the final gallop and with it the national title.

Full Results

1 KENNAUGH Peter Sky Racing Team 85 pts
2 MOULD Jonathan 100% ME 67 pts
3 CHRISTIAN Mark 100% ME 64 pts
4 YATES Simon 100% ME 60 pts
5 RUTHERFORD Alistair 34 pts
6 YATES Adam 30 pts
7 DUGGLEBY Adam 28 pts
8 DIBBEN Jonathan Hargroves Cycles 27 pts
9 ROWSELL Erick 100% ME 27 pts
10 DOULL Owain Hargroves Cycles 8 pts
11 MURRAY Tom Sigma Sport Specialized 1 pt
12 MOSES Thomas 100% ME 0 pts
13 KIRK Jack Agiskoviner CT 0 pts
14 KELLY Joseph 100% ME 0 pts
15 LOWSLEY-WILLIAMS James Team UK Youth 0 pts
16 PAPWORTH Joshua Cult Racing 0 pts

Kilometre Time Trial

Matt Rotherham riding for SIS claimed the senior Kilo TT title to add to his Junior Kilo title. Steven Burke took silver, just 3 tenths shy of Rotherham's time, while 100%ME's Sam Harrison secured bronze.

Xavier Disley of Birmingham laid down an early marker of 1:12.230 before Scott Burns look the lead with a 1:08.588, the first to break the 1:10 barrier. Ben Elliott was next to challenge, opening his account with a 19.6 first lap, eventually recording a 1:06.316. Next up was Rotherham who blew the competition apart with a 1:03.671. Steven Burke who was tilting at his second title in two days, narrowly failed to topple Junior National Kilo champ Rotherham, posting a 1:03.941. Starting last as current champion Bruce Croall had a lot do, winning in 2010 with a 1:04. After starting strongly Croall faded in the final lap to post a 1:05.382, good enough for 4th.

Full Results

1 ROTHERHAM Matthew 1.03.671 59:02.4 kmh
2 BURKE Steven Team UK Youth 1.03.941 14:52.8 kmh
3 HARRISON Samuel 100% ME 1.04.790 55.564 kmh
4 CROALL Bruce City of Edinburgh RC 1.05.382 27:50.4 kmh
5 CUNDY Jody Para-T ParaCycling Tm 1.05.846 54.673 kmh
6 ELLIOTT Ben VC St Raphael 1.06.316 51:50.4 kmh
7 AYRE Kenneth City of Edinburgh RC 1.07.334 09:36.0 kmh
8 WILLIAMS Ieuan CC Cardiff 1.08.365 48:57.6 kmh
9 BURNS Scott Manchester Whlrs Club 1.08.588 41:16.8 kmh
10 HEALD David VC St Raphael 1.08.749 52.364 kmh
12 ELLIOTT Rowan VC St Raphael 1.08.930 26:52.8 kmh
13 WISE Alex Agiskoviner CT 1.09.633 51.7 kmh
14 MCCLELLAND John Agiskoviner CT 1.10.141 51.325 kmh
15 BURKE Trevor Finchley RT 1.10.345 51.176 kmh
16 DYER Bryce VC St Raphael 1.10.889 50.784 kmh
17 STUART Andrew VC St Raphael 1.11.067 50.656 kmh
18 COOLAHAN John Team Terminator 1.12.000 50 kmh
19 DISLEY B Xavier Birmingham Uni CC 1.12.230 49.841 kmh
20 CULLEN Peter Stirling Bike Club 1.13.210 49.174 kmh
21 LOUGHEED Oliver Blueleaf-Bicycle Smithy 1.14.523 48.307 kmh
22 BROWN Mark Birmingham Uni CC 1.21.024 44.431 kmh

Paracycling 200 TT

The Paracycling 200m TT saw two more world records, a second record and the national title for Jon Allan Butterworth who opened his title and record breaking accounts yesterday in the Kilo. The tandem pairing of Aileen McGlynn and Helen Scott also claimed the world record in the Blind/Visually Impaired category, picking up silver, while Neil Fachie and Barney Storey took bronze.

Full Result

Gold MC5 BUTTERWORTH Jon-Allan Para-T ParaCycling Tm 10.897 secs 101.909 points (WR)

Silver FB MCGLYNN OBE Aileen Royal Albert CC 11.481 secs 101.69 points (WR)
Pilot SCOTT Helen Para-T ParaCycling Tm

Bronze MB FACHIE Neil Unattached 10.332 secs 99.516 points
Pilot STOREY Barney VC St Rapheal

4 MC1 PLESTED Matthew Team Terminator 15.123 secs 98.36 points
5 MC2 OSSMISAEED Mazyar Unattached 15.726 secs 94.589 points
6 FB THORNHILL Sophie Sport City Velo 12.512 secs 93.31 points
Pilot ANDERSON Jessica Maxgear RT
7 MC4 BYRNE Terry Para-T ParaCycling Tm 11.776 secs 93.156 points
8 MC5 YEATMAN Rob Team Jewson 13.235 secs 83.906 points

Women's Individual Pursuit

Joanna Rowsell is the new national individual pursuit champion, beating Laura Trott in the gold medal final. Wendy Houvenaghel took bronze, while Sarah Storey rode into fourth place, breaking the C5 Paracycling world record in the process.

Rowsell opened with a storming first kilometre, inside Rebecca Romero's British record time. At 2km Rowsell had slipped outside a record time but was three seconds ahead of Trott on the track. At the bell the gap had come down slightly, but the die was cast and Rowsell had the title in the bag.

In the Bronze final Sarah Storey had the advantage in the early stages but by the 1km stage Houvenaghel was ahead. At the 2km stage Houvenaghel was over a second ahead, an advantage that she would keep until the end. However, Storey had had done enough to break the world record for the C5 category, the fourth Paracycling record to topple during the championships. Dani King followed up her qualifying form, winning the 5th to 8th contest.

Full Results

Gold ROWSELL Joanna Horizon Fitness 3.30.434
Silver TROTT Laura 100%ME 3.33.272

Bronze HOUVENAGHEL Wendy Bikechain - Ricci 3.32.283
4 STOREY Sarah Horizon Fitness 3.33.246 (WR - C5 Paracyling Category)

5 KING Dani Horizon Fitness 3.36.694
6 ARMISTEAD Elizabeth Garmin Cervélo 3.39.910
7 MAYHO Hannah 100% ME 3.42.687
8 COLCLOUGH Katie HTC-High Road 3.44.188

Afternoon Session

Men's Open Points Qualifying

Heat 1

Peter Kennaugh qualified comfortably for the final after taking two of the three first sprints with Mark Christian launching a late charge to take second place with Hard Track Endurance League winner Adam Duggleby finishing third and Jon Mould fourth.

Full Result (Top 12 qualify for final)

1 KENNAUGH Peter Sky Racing Team 15 pts
2 CHRISTIAN Mark 100% ME 12 pts
3 DUGGLEBY Adam 8 pts
4 MOULD Jonathan 100% ME 8 pts
5 YATES Simon 100% ME 6 pts
6 DIBBEN Jonathan Hargroves Cycles 5 pts
7 NICHOLSON Chris Lotto-Predictor 5 pts
8 LOWSLEY-WILLIAMS James Team UK Youth -10 pts
9 RUTHERFORD James -15 pts
10 HAASE Matthew Cardiff JIF -15 pts
11 WOFFINDIN Martin Cycle Sport Pendle -19 pts
12 NASH Anthony Scunthorpe Poly CC -20 pts
13 PRINCE Richard Planet X -35 pts
14 COOPER Ian Planet X -37 pts
15 HAYNES Simon Unattached -40 pts
16 BURKE Trevor Finchley RT -40 pts

Heat 2

A steady ride from Josh Papworth, picking points up throughout the race, was enough to top the qualifying heat with Yates, Rutherford, Kelly and Doull each launching attacks to ensure comfortable qualification.

Full Result (Top 12 qualify for final)

1 PAPWORTH Joshua Cult Racing 11 pts
2 RUTHERFORD Alistair 10 pts
3 YATES Adam 10 pts
4 KELLY Joseph 100% ME 8 pts
5 DOULL Owain Hargroves Cycles 8 pts
6 MURRAY Tom Sigma Sport Specialized 7 pts
7 ROWSELL Erick 100% ME 7 pts
8 SHERRIFFS Chris Team Bglobal 6 pts
9 MOSES Thomas 100% ME 6 pts
10 ROWE Courtney Cardiff JIF 5 pts
11 MARTIN David 3 pts
12 KIRK Jack Agiskoviner CT 3 pts
13 LATHAM Christopher Planet X 3 pts
14 LEWIS Symon Edwardes 1 pt
15 DAVIES Oliver Planet X 0 pts
16 TAYLOR Alastair Musselburgh RCC 0 pts
17 STREATHER Jason VC St Raphael 0 pts

Women's 3km Individual Pursuit Qualifying

Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott to compete in final for Women's 3km Individual Pursuit title. Whilst last year's finalist's Wendy Houvenaghel and Sarah Storey will battle it out for bronze.

Full Results

1 ROWSELL Joanna Horizon Fitness 3.30.455
2 TROTT Laura 100% ME 3.30.990
3 HOUVENAGHEL Wendy Bikechain - Ricci 3.31.607
4 STOREY OBE Sarah Horizon Fitness 3.35.307
5 KING Dani Horizon Fitness 3.37.195
6 ARMISTEAD Elizabeth Garmin Cervélo 3.39.441
7 MAYHO Hannah 100% ME 3.40.538
8 COLCLOUGH Katie HTC-High Road 3.43.712
9 HALL Corrine Team Corridori 3.49.573
10 ROBERTS Amy For Viored Brookvex 3.50.650
11 BARNES Hannah Motorpoint Cycling 3.53.947
12 HOPKINS Ella VC St Raphael 3.58.389
13 JOINER Charline City of Edinburgh RC 3.59.294
14 WALKER Hannah Motorpoint Cycling 3.59.936
15 BROGAN Kayleigh City of Edinburgh RC 4.00.574
16 HASTON Louise City of Edinburgh RC 4.01.420
17 AICHELER Rebecca Cardiff Ajax CC 4.02.762
18 WHEWELL Harriet VC St Raphael 4.03.043
19 MANLEY Hannah For Viored Brookvex 4.06.780
20 MEADOWS Nicci AW Cycles 4.07.605
21 LANE Crystal Abergavenny RC 4.13.502
22 WADE Vicki Maxgear RT 4.20.973
23 OWENS Cheryl AW Cycles 4.27.964