Day 5 - Senior National Track Champs - Evening

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Day 5 - National Senior Track Championships

24 October, 2009 | Return to Event Homepage | Afternoon Session

EVENING SESSION (Report & Video Eddie Allen, Photos Larry Hickmott)

Victory in the Women's Madison for Dani King and Alex Greenfield, while Hoy and Pendleton stamped their authority on the keirin. Plus a thrilling Junior Madison and an exciting battle for medals in the Men's Team Pursuit rounding off a great week of racing.

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Larry Hickmott's Photo Album



Chris Hoy took the National Keirin title in a thriller of a final in which the result came right down to the wire. Hoy was in control from the start taking up 1st wheel behind the derny - his favourite place. When the moped peeled off he hit the gas and disappeared up the track with Kenny tucked in his slipstream, evading the efforts of a storming Matt Crampton who attempted to come around the outside. With all eyes on Hoy, Kenny and Crampton, Christian Lyte stole in unnoticed and took the bronze, pushing 2008 champion Crampton into fourth spot.

1. Chris Hoy
2. Jason Kenny
3. Christian Lyte
4. Matt Crampton
5. Dave Daniell
6. Ross Edgar

Minor Final (7th - 12th)

Pete Mitchell took the win in the minor final, after 16 year old John Paul made an early lunge for home. Team Terminator's John Paul went a little too early and faded, eventually finishing 5th but showing huge determination and promise.

1. Pete Mitchell
2. Steven Hill
3. Chris Pritchard
4. Matt Haynes
5. John Paul
6. Miles Stovold

Semi Finals

Semi 1

Drama from the off with a restart forced by a crash involving Dave Daniell and Pete Mitchell. It was only a low speed off, but it still managed to shear off the forks of one of the bikes, showing just how delicate these top flight machines are when mistreated. After the restart it was Crampton who took it from the front with a battle royale going in his wake, with Ross Edgar and Dave Daniell joining Crampton in the final.

1. Matt Crampton
2. Ross Edgar
3. Dave Daniell
4. Pete Mitchell
5. Miles Stovold
6. Chris Pritchard

Semi 2

Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny controlled the semi final perfectly, with Kenny going clear at the front and Hoy holding the line, then unloading his power and speed in the final lap to take top spot. Kenny and Lyte also qualified for the final.

1. Chris Hoy
2. Jason Kenny
3. Christian Lyte
4. Steven Hill
5. John Paul
6. Matt Haynes



Vicky Pendleton took Gold in the Women's Keirin final once again showing her supremacy in the discipline. Pendleton went off the front early and gapped her opponents. It was Junior World Champ Becki James who led the chase and held off the attentions of Halesowen's Helen Scott to take Silver.

1. Vicky Pendleton
2. Becki James
3. Helen Scott
4. Charlene Joiner
5. Jess Varnish
6. Janet Birkmyre

1st Round

Heat 1

Vicky Pendleton comfortably cruised into the Final ahead of Halesowen's Helen Scott.

1. Vicky Pendleton
2. Helen Scott
3. Janet Birkmyre
4. Louise Satherley

Heat 2

No surprises here, with Jess Varnish and Becki James breaking clear and qualifying for the final.

1. Jess Varnish
2. Becki James
3. Charlene Joiner
4. Cassie Gledhill
5. Cheryl Owens

1st Round Repechage

Charlene Joiner and Janet Birkmyre made it through the nail-biter of the repechage to join Pendleton and co. in the Women's Keirin final.

1. Charlene Joiner
2. Janet Birkmyre
3. Cassie Gledhill
4. Cheryl Owens
5. Louise Satherley


The pairing of George Atkins and Dan McLay took the Madison title in a tight contest with Jon Mould and Chris Whorall. Mould and Whorall pushed Atkins and McLay all the way but the pair in orange controlled and chased down every move. The podium positions came down to the final sprint of the 100 lap event and Mould/Whorall went for it off the front, overtaking Harrison and Doull who'd made a late stab for a podium position. However, like with every other move, Atkins and McLay had it covered.


1. Team 4 (George Atkins, Dan McLay) 20pts
2. Team 1 (Jon Mould, Chris Whorall) 14pts
3. Team 2 (Adam Yates, Simon Yates) 7pts
4. Team 6 (Chris Nicholson, Jamie Rodgers) 5pts
5. Team 3 (Sam Harrison, Owain Doull) 5pts


Gold Medal Final

Planet X took the National Team Pursuit title in a thrilling matchup with Agiskoviner. Agiskoviner took the early lead but at the 1km mark all was square. For the next km the two teams matched each other pedal stroke for pedal stroke. However, at the halfway point Planet X turned the screw and started to gap their rivals. Their injection of pace cost the men in black a man and they had to tough out the final 1km as a threesome. But they hung on and took the National title with a 2 second advantage from Agiskoviner.

1. Planet X - 4.27.976
2. Agiskoviner - 4.29.791

Bronze Medal Final

Scunthorpe Poly, the favourites based on their qualifying form, went off hot and initially put time a heap of time into their opponents. However, they lost a man early on giving St. Raphael the chance to claw back. At the halfway point St Raphael had closed up. Then Scunthorpe responded and their opponents splintered and were all over the place before reforming as a three piece. Both teams were down to three, six sets of teeth were gritted and the crowd were treated to a grandstand finish, with St Raphael digging deep and taking the Bronze medal. However, due to a malfunction of the electronic lap counter, the judges decided to award both teams a joint bronze medal.

1. VC St Raphael
2. Scunthorpe Poly