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Day 5 - National Senior Track Championships

24 October, 2009 | Return to Event Homepage


Photos from the session by Larry Hickmott



Barney Storey and Neil Fachie recorded a lifetime best time of 1.03.436 in the invitation 1km event. Their opening lap was within World Record pace, showing that they're right on top of their game ahead of the Paracycling Worlds.

1. Neil Fachie, Barney Storey - 1.03.436
2. Simon Jackson, Dave Readle - 1.04.389
3. Laura Turnham, Rachel Rimmington - 1.13.185


1st Round

All the big guns qualified for the next round with a dramatic crash from SIS's Chris Pritchard the only surprise. Here's how it panned out (first two in each heat go through to the next round).

Heat 1

Lyte took pole position behind the derny with Crampton at fourth wheel. Stewart hit the front at the bell followed by Crampton who hammered the pedals and put plenty of daylight between him and the rest of the strung out pack, comfortably qualifying for the next round, along with Christian Lyte.

1. Matt Crampton
2. Christian Lyte
3. Kevin Stewart
4. Joe Allen
5. Thomas Sparkes
6. Rhydian Page

Heat 2

Hoy took 1st wheel behind the derny with Daniell tucked in behind. Would it end like that? The derny peeled off and Hoy notched up the pace and crept away from the rest with Daniell following behind. Notable was 16 year old John Paul in third spot, tucked in the slipstream of Daniell. Impressive stuff from the young Terminator.

1. Chris Hoy
2. Dave Daniell
3. John Paul
4. Michael Partridge
5. Miles Stovold
6. Mike Brampton

Heat 3

After a false start, postponement and track repairs after Heat 4 had notched up the tension, the heat finally got underway. Pete Mitchell took first wheel with his Sky+HD teammate Jason Kenny nestling behind. The bike dropped into the well of the track and Mitchell wound up the pace. City of Edinburgh's Matt Haynes tried to come over the top but Mitchell reacted, wound up the pace further and taking top spot, with Kenny happy to sit in his wheel and claim his place in the next round

1. Peter Mitchell
2. Jason Kenny
3. Matt Haynes
4. Thomas Powell
5. Maher Al-Ausi
6. Thomas Gregory

Heat 4

Steven Hill took 1st wheel behind the Derny with danger man Edgar in 5th wheel. The drone of the derny dropped and Edgar started to unwind and came over the top hitting the front. Then a touch of wheels and SIS's Chris Pritchard's bike disintegrated - rider, forks, handlebars and frame all going separate ways. Miraculously no-one else went down. Meanwhile Edgar took the win with Hill joining him in the next round. Pritchard walked away - lucky man.

1. Ross Edgar
2. Steven Hill
3. Joseph Wood
4. Kenny Simm
5. B McCullogh
6. Jamie Bremner
DNF: Chris Pritchard

1st Round Repechage

Rep 1

Nine riders were squeezed across the track for the first of the repechages, all vying for the first two spots and a place in the next round. In the end it was Matt Haynes and Miles Stovold who progressed.

1. Matt Haynes
2. Miles Stovold

Rep 2

The second repechage also saw nine riders desperate to qualify for the next round. In the mix were fast Junior John Paul and crash victim Chris Pritchard riding his spare bike. After two false starts the second repechage finally got underway and it was brave Chris Pritchard and late charging John Paul who progressed, which pleased the crowd greatly.

1. Chris Pritchard
2. John Paul


A break from the competition and a demonstration event from the team pursuit squad of Burke, Clancy, Thomas and Swift. An awesome ride resulted in a 4.01.784. It's looking good for the World Cup in a week's time.



Qualification (top 4 progress)

The classy Planet X team including Junior star Sam Harrison qualified fastest with Agiskoviner joining them in the final, despite losing a man with around 750 metres to go. VC St. Raphael were just edged out of the final rideoff and will contest bronze with Scunthorpe Poly.

1. Planet X - 4.31.060
2. Agiskoviner - 4.32.386
3. VC St. Raphael - 4.33.088
4. Scunthorpe Poly - 4:39.032
5. PSUK - 4.50.464


Jonathan Dibben and Jim Lewis had a well earned victory in the 80 lap Under 16 Madison, winning the event with a late charge on the final sprint. The pairing was combative from the start, being the first team to attempt a break, and attempting to gain a lap later in the race. An honourable mention for Bronze Medallists Rotherham and Whelan whose performance was made all the more credible after Whelan was involved in the race's only crash. The race was run at an almost 30mph and the standard of racing was superb, these young guns have speed and savvy to spare.

Final Result

1. Team 13 (Jonothan Dibben, Jim Lewis) 9pts
2. Team 10 (Stephen Bradbury, Charlie Heffernan) 7pts
3. Team 7 (Matthew Rotherham, Dan Whelan) 7pts
4. Team 8 (Matthew Cross, Robbie Westwood) 6pts
5. Team 5 (Chris Lawless, Jacob Regan) 6pts

Average Speed: 29.697 mph


The pairing of Alex Greenfield and Dani King took victory in the Women's Madison. Despite a small field of only 5 teams, the racing was tight and exciting with the podium positions coming down to the final sprint. Corrine Hall and Hannah Barnes of Team 2 made a late charge for the line, hoping that Dani King would tire and drop out of the points, but King had enough in the tank to come in third and take the title by a slender 1 point.


1. Team 2 (Alex Greenfield, Dani King) 14pts
2. Team 4 (Corrine Hall, Hannah Barnes) 13pts
3. Team 1 (Hannah Mayho, Laura Trott) 10pts
4. Team 3 (Sarah Reynolds, Ella Sadler-Andrews) 6pts