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Day 1 - National Senior Track Championships

20 October, 2009
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Women's 500m Time Trial

From the left, Jess Varnish, Vicky Pendleton and Becky James

Victoria Pendleton: After the race, Victoria Pendleton was in upbeat mood: "I'm really pleased with today - this is the third or fourth best time I've ever done, and it's by far the fastest time I've put in at this stage in the year so I'm pleasantly surprised. Training for the World Cup starts today, so preparation is going ok! It's much better than I expected - I was expecting to do a mid to high 34. It's great to see Jess and Becky coming through and putting in good times tonight too - having these girls with me in training as they push me to train harder. It's also good that I can help and hopefully inspire them to achieve their dreams and aspirations."

Jess Varnish: Jess Varnish was also pleased after a p.b: "I'm very happy with my performance - I took a lot of my PB and I'm feeling really good. I'm happy with the progress I've made in the run up to the World Cup and tonight showed my prep is going in the right way. I've got just over a week left of training and I'm feeling really good."

Becky James: "I found it super solid today - I started off with a bad day and it's carried on and got stuck in my head. I gave it my best shot though. I need to put today behind me and focus on the rest of the competition - my aim is to go better and faster tomorrow. This is what happened in the World Champs though, I had a bad day early on but went on to get some good results, so hopefully that's what will happen again."

Men's Kilo

From the left, Ed Clancy, Steven Burke and David Daniell

Ed Clancy: The Halfords Bikehut rider was pleased with his ride, despite narrowly missing out on the gold medal - "That went better than I expected - I didn't think I'd do a 2.7. 3 was my target so I exceeded my expectations tonight."

Steven Burke: Despite just missing out on the gold last year, Steven Burke was surprised by the win: "I really didn't expect a win tonight, I thought I'd come in third so I'm really shocked to win! I got everything out in the ride tonight - my preparation has gone really well and the work we've put in for the Team Pursuit has really helped me today."

David Daniel:  The rider who has done a 1.01 in the past, and was favourite for the Kilo,  was full of praise for the two riders who went faster than him.  "I have been training well and doing a lot of speed work and been going really well for the short distances so I went out there and hit it as hard as I could, trying to nail my line and my position on the bike. I’ve been out classed today by two very fast endurance riders. For an endurance rider to jump on and do a ‘2.6’, if you compare that to a couple of year ago, that is a world class time for the sprinters in a world championships."

"I couldn’t ask for any more. I gave 110 per cent and I need to look at how I can improve that and move on and get the better times out in the future. I am getting better with my speed and just need to work on my endurance to make sure that last lap is better than what it is at the moment. I lost a lot of ground tonight on the last one and half laps when the fatigue sets in and the legs fill with lactic and I had to slow down. I can work on that as well and do my best to improve my times in the future."