Report: Day 1 - National Senior Track Championships

Report: Day 1 - National Senior Track Championships

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Day 1 - National Senior Track Championships

20 October, 2009
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Tues 20 October (Kilo & 500m TT) - Evening Session 19.00


Victoria Pendleton stamped her class on the opening event of the 2009 National Track Championships, in Manchester. Going off last, she cruised round in the impressive time of 34.262 seconds, showing few signs of rustiness at the start of the long winter Track season - speaking afterwards, she summed it up as a "shock to the system!". Victoria was almost a second clear of Jess Varnish, who was in turn a similar margin clear of bronze medallist Rebecca James. Earlier, there was a new British paracycling record for Sarah Storey, who finished eighth in 38.074 seconds. We've got lots more rider reaction from the three medal winners: Rider Reaction & Podium Shots

See a slideshow of Victoria Pendleton in full flow during her winning ride by clicking the image above. This album of pictures has photographs of all the riders who competed.


1. Victoria Pendleton Team Sky+ HD  34.262s
2. Jess Varnish Halesowen A & CC 35.154
3. Rebecca James Abergavenny Road Club 36.012
4. Helen Scott Halesowen A & CC 36.294
5. Charline Joiner City of Edinburgh RC 37.116
6. Alison Chisholm Edinburgh RC 37.646
7. Jenny Davis City of Edinburgh RC 37.857
8. Sarah Storey VC St Raphael 38.074
9. Emma Baird BC PM 38.503
10. Janet Birkmyre XRT - 38.537
11. Rachel Turner VC St Raphael 39.407
12. Cassie Gledhill XRT - 39.476
13. Cheryl Owens GS Metro 41.789
14. Louise Satherley Yasumitsu Schlapp 41.989
15. Ruth Middleton East London Vélo 43.485


With a very strong entry of 100% ME and Halfords Bikehut Road/Track Endurance riders, this was always going to be a tough competition for the pure sprinters. Endurance struck the first blow, with Andy Fenn the first rider to go under 70 seconds in the Kilo, a very composed looking ride resulting in a time of 1.05.812. But he was soon relegated to second by Andy Tennant who went a second quicker. However, both were eclipsed by Ed Clancy, who looked rapid from the start and held his form like the great endurance rider he is to record 1.02.713.
Steven Burke grits his teeth as he goes for gold

An 18.5 second opening lap from David Daniell showed intent, but the sprinters' best hope faded on the last lap and he slipped into second place, half a second down on Clancy. Only Steven Burke now stood in the way of glory for Clancy and the 100% ME rider was up from the start. Although looking ragged in his last lap, Burke maintained his speed and took the win and made it a one-two for the endurance boys. No wonder some of ther top sprinters ducked the competition if "endurance" riders can produce times like these. We've got lots more rider reaction: Rider Reaction & Podium Shots


1. Steven Burke 100% ME 1.02.604
2. Edward Clancy Team Halfords Bikehut 1.02.713
3. David Daniell Cleveland Wheelers CC 1.03.235
4. Andrew Tennant Team Halfords Bikehut 1.04.741
5. Andrew Fenn 100% ME 1.05.812
6. Bruce Croall City of Edinburgh RC 1.06.167
7. Jody Cundy 1.06.414
8. Alex Dowsett 100% ME 1.06.498
9. Ben Elliot VC St Raphael 1.06.850
10. Mark Christian 100% ME 1.07.133
11. Richard Lambert Cottingham Coureurs RT 1.11.167
12. Thomas Powell Newcastle RC 1.11.187
13. Rowan Elliot VC St Raphael 1.12.204
14. Joseph Wood BC PM 1.12.284
15. Joseph Allen BC PM 1.12.336
16. B McCullough Young City of Edinburgh 1.12.247
17. Simon Warren Norwood Paragon CC 1.12.845
18. Terry Byrne BC Paracycling Dev Prog 1.13.759
19. Jon-Allen Butterworth BC Paracycling Dev 1.14.346
20. Oliver Lougheed Manchester Whlrs Club 1.15.574
21. James Viner Twickenham CC 1.15.709
22. Callum Watson City of Edinburgh RC 1.16.244
23. Neil Laing Edinburgh RC 1.18.699