Eating and drinking right will be the difference between enoying your sportive and facing the dreaded bonk.

You don't have to consume your weight in sports drinks either - with natural eating tips from British Cycling's Head of Nutrition Nigel Mitchell. 

British Cycling Members also get access to in-depth nutrition advice and recipies through the Insight Zone.


What to eat during training - What you eat and drink during training should mirror what you plan to eat during a sportive.
Pre-event nutrition - Before your sportive it’s essential to eat and drink the right things, which means a calculated reduction in training coupled with a balanced diet throughout leading up to the event is considered best.
Event day nutrition - What you eat and drink is essential to surviving a sportive, but you needn’t have a sports science degree to understand how best to stay fuelled for hours on the bike.
Post-event nutrition - Whether you’re planning a long season of sportives and need to be ready for the following week of training, or just want to make it into the office on Monday morning, post-event nutrition is the answer!