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When it's time to renew your club members annual subscriptions manage the whole process in one place using the Club Management Tool.

Getting started

Please see the articles on managing club members and setting up online subscriptions. However at renewal time you do not need to worry if all your current members are not in the tool as they will be added to the list as and when they buy club subscriptions.
To start managing members and subscriptions you need to be logged into the British Cycling website and then go to the Club Manager dashboard. (please note only Club Secretaries and club appointed admins have access).
Subscription prices

Before you send out reminders please ensure you have set your prices correctly for the new membership period by editing existing subscriptions if you have them. If you have prices which change throughout the year you will need to manually update these as you go. There is no automation to the pricing part of the system.
Direct email from your club list

The "Club Membership" section of the club tool displays your club membership list and you are able to email members direct from this list. To select the members you wish to email use the far left hand select column. You can any number of members to send to from 1 to all of your members. Please note if you the select all box in the select column header it will only select those members currently displayed on the list. If you wish to send to all members then please change "Show 25 members" to "all", however if you have over 100 members in your club or a slow internet connection we would recommend sending to 100 or less at a time as the list may take a while to generate. Once you have selected the members then simply click "Email selected members" to launch the email window which allow you to set a subject line and add attachments. Please note the email currently ask receipts to reply to the club secretary - if you wish the recipient to reply to another address please specify this in the body of the email.
Subscription reminder emails

Once you have set up subscriptions and the prices are correct you will need to direct your members where to go to purchase their subscription. It is a good idea to include the following in your email. An instruction for club members to "Sign in" to the British Cycling website before making their purchase, this will avoid them duplicating their record and appearing twice in your list. For members not in the list they will be able to create an account when purchasing and will appear in your list after they have made the purchase. You also need to direct them to webpage to make the purchase, this will be your club profile page  - the easiest way to do this is to visit your club profile page and then copy and paste the link from the address bar. Then direct your members to click on the "Join our club" tab.
Manage members with an expiry date

You can set expiry dates for your members to manage whether or not they have paid their club subscriptions for the year. If you have not already got expiry dates set for your members you can do this en masse in the same way you can email members. This time select the desired members and use the "Set Selected Member actions..." drop down box to choose "Set club member expiry date". This will mean on the date you have chosen that those members will move to the expired club members tab (you can use today's date if you wish members to move straight to the expired tab). When members purchase a subscription they will move out of the expired tab and back into the active where you can set their new expiry date. You can still email members in the expired tab so it is a great way of keeping tabs on who has paid and chasing up those who haven't.
Offline payments

If you set up online subscription payments it doesn't mean that club members cannot pay by traditional methods such as cheque or cash, if the club wish to accept payment in these formats. If a club member pays by an offline method then you can use the "add payment" function in the payments column to record the amount taken and the date, this will show as "club collected", online payments show as "British Cycling collected" you would then need to update their club expiry date.
Zero cost club memberships

There is no option to add a subscription for zero cost. For members who do not pay, e.g. honouree or life members,  you can just set their expiry date to the point at which that membership runs out. You may wish to add a custom field so you can keep track of these members.

If you require any help and support setting up subscriptions or chasing up renewals please see our Club Tool FAQs or email