Rider Diary: Sally Bigham Part 1


Rider Diary: Sally Bigham
Interview with Sally Bigham
The Exceptional Realist
- November 2009

Racing for just three years but already ranked number three in the world for marathon, Sally Bigham has had an extraordinary rise to fight against the World elite. Entering into her fourth season of racing and full-time employment, Sally looks to find a perfect balance between winning, work and perfect alpine singletrack. To find out all about Sally read her feature-length interview, and get the latest from her epic adventures right here.


November 23 2009

Back In Training...

For the last six weeks I've been riding when, where, and for how long I like. In fact, I've hardly ridden at all; just a couple of fun rides each week. I started running again, which was painful at first to say the least - just a 50 minute run left me hardly able to walk for a couple of days! At the beginning of the off-season I wasn't sure how I'd feel not training, I thought it'd be hard and that I find myself longing to start training again. I didn't. I really enjoyed coming home from work and relaxing; it was so nice to fill my evenings with drinks at the local pub or chilling with a DVD. It made me wonder how I used to fit training in at all!

The six weeks went by in a flash and now I'm back on the bike following a structured training plan set by Matt Hart at Torq. My first session was a three hour road ride. It hurt and I felt slow! During a four hour road ride today the wind and the rain battered me, but oddly I loved it. It's good to be back in the saddle and I'm looking forward to crisp, sunny winter rides. This will be my first winter of structured training and I'm hoping it'll help make 2010 a good one for me. Let's see...

Sal :0)