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The National Escort Group was formed to provide an accredited group of motorcyclists trained to assist with the safety of events held on the public highway.

NEG members may be requested to assist with a cycling road race, either working with police motorcyclists in providing a safe route for competitors, or operating where there is no police cover by assisting with the direction of the race, and complementing static marshals.

Some NEG members may be engaged by the organiser to carry as pillion passengers race officials such as blackboard information, commissaires, medical or race service, or by media companies to carry press photographers or cameramen. In such cases the NEG member may reasonably expect the organiser or media company to provide a risk assessment of the duties required of the pilot.

Event organisers wishing to engage the services of NEG members should initially contact the appropriate regional co-ordinator, who will endeavour to put together a group to meet the race requirements. The official rates per NEG rider for road races can be obtained from the regional coordinator.

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