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Welsh Cycling Cycle Race Marshals

CSAS Operational Procedures 

CSAS Memorandum of Understanding

Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS)

The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) is a scheme established by the Police Reform Act 2002.

This allows Chief Constables to empower accredited employees of accredited companies within their Police Force area with powers that have previously only be available to members of the Police Service. This includes powers to stop and direct traffic and pedestrians.

Welsh Cycling is now an accredited company under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme with a growing number of accredited employees. These accredited persons are known by legislation as CSAS marshals.

Welsh Cycling employed CSAS marshals have been trained specifically by Gwent Police, the lead authority for the scheme, and accredited with powers to stop and direct traffic in the whole of Wales when employed by Welsh Cycling to cycling events sanctioned by the governing body.

The legislation requires that only employees of accredited companies can be accredited persons.

Welsh Cycling CSAS marshals are therefore employed by Welsh Cycling under a contract of employment in order to comply with the legislation.

Before an individual can be accredited there are a number of steps that must be followed:

1. They must complete Police Forms that will be used to carry out checks on that person to ensure that they are suitable for accreditation e.g. no serious criminal convictions.
2. The checks mentioned above must be completed satisfactorily.
3. Individuals satisfactorily complete training which is currently delivered by Gwent Police.

Wardens will be required to attend annual refresher training to remain accredited.

Welsh Cycling will:

1. Provide the training free of charge.
2. Supply the necessary high visibility clothing for CSAS marshals to carry out their role.
3. With sufficient notice provide accommodation at the Welsh Institute of Sport at no cost to the individual for those that have long distances to travel e.g. North Wales members.

Because of the substantial financial investment by Welsh Cycling to accredit CSAS marshals, it expects marshals to be active at a minimum of six cycling events a year. 

National Escort Group Wales (NEG Wales)

The National Escort Group Wales (NEGW) is recognised by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as the group that provides motorcycle escort for cycle races on the public roads, often working alongside Police motorcyclists.

The National Escort Group Wales is, as the name suggests, the Welsh region of the NEG. However, NEG Wales also includes those CSAS Wardens that are not NEG Wales motorcyclists.

In order to become a member of NEG Wales applicants must be able to comply with the following:

1. Hold a full motorcycle licence.
2. Own or have access to a suitable motorcycle e.g. touring or sports/touring motorcycle.
3. Undergo an assessment with one of our assessors.
4. Successfully complete an Institute of Advance Motoring motorcycle test.
5. Complete training and assessment on cycle races.
6. Be prepared to have an amber light pole fitted to the rear offside of your machine.
7. Supply and fit to your machine a radio communication system. We will give you as much assistance as we can with this.

After this process applicants will be a fully qualified members of the National Escort Group and eligible to assist with the escort of cycle races including the major U.K. races e.g. Grand Prix of Wales, The Tour of Britain etc.

Welsh Cycling will pay for the IAM test but all travelling costs in relation to the initial assessment, cycle race training and I.A.M. observed rides and test(s) will be at marshals' own expense. When qualified, members will be entitled to claim payment of travelling expenses from their home, for the duration of the event and the return journey to their home at a fixed rate per mile.

CSAS and NEG Wales

Members can be both a CSAS marshal and an NEGW motorcyclist. This means that marshals can provide motorcycle escort for cycle races in Wales and when and where necessary dismount their vehicle to stop and direct traffic and pedestrians.

NEGW manage their commitments and communications through a dedicated website at:


This website also includes booking information and contact details.

If you require further information or would like to speak to members of NEGW please visit www.negwales.com and request access to the site.

We are particularly interested in recruiting static/pedestrian CSAS marshals in the South Wales area and both NEG motorcycle and pedestrian CSAS static mardhals in North Wales.

Both the CSAS marshal scheme and NEG are the way forward to help secure the future of road racing in Wales and your help is needed to make this happen.


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