Wilkinson Leads Premier Calendar

Wilkinson Leads Premier Calendar

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Ian Wilkinson Leads Premier Calendar Series

Story posted April 7, by Larry Hickmott | Series Home Page |

After the second round of the Premier Calendar Series, the Tour DoonHame in Scotland last weekend, Endura Racing, have two riders at the top of the table, Ian Wilkinson and New Zealand champion, Jack Bauer. Wilkinson leads the series with 186 points after scoring in every race so far. The Endura rider, who was second in the series in 2009, finished the Tour DoonHame in 5th place overall and was in the top six on each stage with a best placing of fourth (stage 3).

Super rider Ian WIlkinson (Endura Racing) has soared to the top of the 2010 Premier Calendar rankings after round two.

In the first Premier Calendar race of 2010, the Tour of the Reservoir, Ian was second behind winner Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport/Specialized) who drops to 6th in the table. Winner of the DoonHame stage race, Chris Newton (Rapha/Condor/Sharp) is now in third place in the Premier Calendar despite having missed round 1 when he was competing at the Track World Championships. Newton won the series in 2007.

The series leader for 2010, Ian Wilkinson, is having a fairly easy week right now before heading down south for what he calls a high speed workout in Essex on Sunday (April 11).  Ian and his team then have two races in France as they prepare for the next big British event, the East Midlands CiCLE classic on April 25.

Asked how it felt to be at the top of the Premier Calendar table, Ian replied "It’s a big thing to be leading the series. There are a lot of people putting lots of work into making this a big series in Britain and so to be leading it is a big thing for me and the team. If we can keep placing consistently and winning it overall, that will be a big achievement."

Ian however was less pleased with his results in the Tour DoonHame over Easter despite being no lower than sixth on any of the three stages. "I made a lot of mistakes and maybe that was because I just didn't have the legs and wasn't going well enough” he explained. “The team though won a stage and won the team award so that was good but for me, it was a consistent weekend but could have been better."

Podium from round 2 of the Premier Calendar with overall winner, Chris Newton, in yellow.

When asked if he feels the racing is different in the Premier Calendar this year, Ian replied, "yes, there  are a lot of riders looking at each other and after a lot of racing, Endura is probably a little ahead of the British based riders who are still finding their feet."

"Certainly there was a lot of team work involved on the weekend in Scotland. The likes of Raleigh and Sigma were getting involved at the front and these teams are playing a part in the race as much as we are. Our team though is going really well and we have strengths in many different areas. We’re also not shy in trying new things on the road but every race is still a learning curve as there is never one formula for each race."

Ian’s next big goal is the East Midlands Cicle Classic which comes two weeks before the next Premier Calendar race in Lincoln which has an already impressive entry list worth checking out (www.lincolngrandprix.org.uk ). Talking about the East Midlands CiCle Classic, Ian explained "that's my next big goal after winning it last year. I'm really hoping to do a good ride there but there will also be a lot of other riders wanting that victory.

No doubt there will be a few people following me around but it’s a race of luck as well. You could be absolutely untouchable on the day but then puncture and lose the race. Hopefully we'll make our luck there though and it will go our way."

The next event in the Premier Calendar Series is the Lincoln Grand Prix on May 9 and you can catch up with the latest news and entries on the race website:  (www.lincolngrandprix.org.uk ). To celebrate County Conference’s sponsorship of the Lincoln Grand Prix go to the website, enter the competition and maybe you’ll win a bike!

2010 Premier Calendar Series Overall
1. Ian Wilkinson, Endura Racing    186
2. Jack Bauer, Endura Racing    172
3. Chris Newton, Rapha Condor Sharp    160
4. Peter Williams, Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT    130
   Evan Oliphant, Endura Racing    130
6. Simon Richardson, Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team    110
7. Marcin Bialoblocki, Wilier/Bigmaggs.com/Prendas Ciclismo    103
8. Malcolm Elliott, Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT    92
9. Wouter Sybrandy, Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team    90
10. Jonathan McEvoy, *** Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT    78
Click here for the full listing

2010 Premier Calendar Events
1. 28 March Tour of Reservoir    Edmundbyers, Co. Durham       
2. 3-5 April  The Tour Doon Hame Premier Calendar    Dumfries       
3. 09-May Abstraction Lincoln Grand Prix    Lincoln       
4. 30 May Dumfries Bikefest Grand Prix    Dumfries       
5. 06 June Ryedale Grand Prix    Yorkshire       
6. 13 June Beaumont Trophy    Newcastle, North East       
7. 18 July  East Yorkshire Classic    Yorkshire       
8. 01 August   Richmond Grand Prix    Richmond, North Yorkshire       

Former Winners
Note: our thanks to British Cycling special advisor, Jim Hendry for this information.

2009 Russell Downing, Ian Wilkinson, Marcin Bialoblocki
2008 Russell Downing , Dean Downing, Evan Oliphant
2007 Chris Newton, Gordon McCauley, Robin Sharman
2006 Kristian House,  Robin Sharman,  Matt Stephens
2005  Robin Sharman,   John Tanner, Russell Downing
2004  Malcolm Elliott,  Russell Downing,   Dean Downing
2003  Mark Lovatt,  John Tanner, Malcolm Elliott
2002  John Tanner,  Mark Lovatt, Julian Winn
2001  John Tanner,  Mark Lovatt, Anthony Malarczyk
2000  Mark Lovatt,   John Tanner,   Julian Winn
1999  Gordon McCauley, Matt Stephens,  John Tanner
1998  Chris Newton,   Jon Clay, Matt Illingworth
1997  John Tanner,  Rob Hayles,  Jon Clay
1996  Mark Walsham, John Tanner,   Chris Lillywhite
1995  John Tanner,  Mark Walsham,  Chris Lillywhite
1994  John Tanner,  Simeon Hempsall, Chris Lillywhite
1993  Mark Walsham, Chris Lillywhite,  Brian Smith
1992  Mark McKay,   John Tanner,   John Charlesworth
1991  Steve Farrell,  Paul Curran,   Mark Gornall
1990  Steve Farrell,  Simeon Hempsall, Pete Longbottom
1989  Ben Luckwell, Wayne Randle,  Pete Longbottom

Winners Table Pre 1989
1959  John Perks 
1960  Jim Hinds 
1961  Kenny Hill 
1962  Wes Mason 
1963  Derek Harrison 
1964  George Halls 
1965  Les West 
1966  Hugh Porter 
1967  Peter Buckley
1968  Dave Rollinson 
1969  Pete Matthews 
1970  Pete Matthews
1971  John Clewarth
1972  Phil Bayton 
1973  Phil Griffiths 
1974  Tony Gornall 
1975  Phil Griffiths 
1976  Paul Sherwen 
1977  Steve Lawrence 
1978  Steve Lawrence
1979  Bob Downs 
1980  Steve Joughin
1981  Bob Downs
1982  Steve Joughin
1983  Malcolm Elliott 
1984  Peter Longbottom 
1985  Paul Curran 
1986  Paul Curran 
1987  Paul Curran
1988  Paul Curran

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