Results team and event support

Results team and event support

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Results team and event support roles

There are various opportunities to be involved at the pointy end of competitions, compiling the results or supporting event delivery. These are summarised below.


Line judges - Judging the order that riders cross the finish line, primes lines, or lap counting, whilst also ensuring that there are no issues with electronic timing.  Sometimes supported by finish line cameras as well.

Freestyle judges - Judging BMX Freestyle competitions by awarding scores for each of the riders’ competitive runs - the winner has the highest score awarded for the style, complexity of tricks, execution and use of course.


Timekeepers - A timekeeper correctly times riders, races, or parts of races (for example laps or timed sections) and provides times promptly to assist with and/or enable the compilation of accurate results. This can either be with electronic systems or stopwatches.

Track timekeepers - Track timekeepers are trained to record the times of races at track events. Contact your local track or event officer to enquire about starting your training and completing your logbook for assessment to become a registered track timekeeper.

Competition administration and support

Race administrator/secretary/results clerk - The title may change between disciplines, but the role is always vital to ensuring prompt and accurate race administration, including results processing and production of start information, to enable an efficient racing schedule.

Event support roles - From marshalling or driving, first aid or course signage, to event welfare or sign-on, each event has an invaluable team supporting and enabling it.

Get involved

For more information and to get involved, please contact your local cycle sport developer or events officer.

Alternatively, you can use our events tool to look up events coming up nearby and contact the organiser to see if they need an extra pair of hands.