Volunteers: In Focus - November 2021

Volunteers: In Focus - November 2021


We are making 2021 the Year of the Volunteer and shining a light on the brilliant work volunteers do for all forms of cycling across the home nations. We want to acknowledge the huge contribution volunteers make to cycling and recognise the wide variety of roles undertaken to activate, support, lead, and deliver at all levels. 

Each month, we are taking nominations from across the regions and home nations. If you think someone deserves a mention, get in touch on social media with your respective regional or national teams or via @BCCoaches on Twitter. 

As we approach 2022 we must say thank you to ALL volunteers who have supported cycling, at all levels, thoroughout all the challenges 2021 has thrown at us. Without your enthusiasm and commitment we could not deliver at the levels we do.

A huge thank you and well done to all that have been nominated in November 2021 for their ongoing commitment to our sport and to those who may have volunteered for the first time have engaged new riders in their clubs, activities, or groups. Thank you from everyone at British Cycling, and from our community.

Name: Mark Williams

Region: East Midlands

Role: Event Organiser

Mark has been leading the return to use of a small Mountain Bike area at Doddington Hall, Lincoln. Working with the owners of the 600 acre estate and the onsite Giant Bike shop and local volunteers and club members they have re-established some trails

Spotting an opportunity to bring back to life some trails on the Doddington Hall estate Mark has worked with the Landowners and shop managers to clear and develop the existing trails, with plans to grow the network in the future if funding can be found. With the support of other organisers and volunteers in the region he started a series of Mountain Bike Time Trials last year on the Doddington trails. Mark is working towards the delivery of some larger events in 2022 both on the estate and in the local area. He also has a particular focus on developing youth riders and coaches and has facilitated, on behalf of the East Midlands Region, its first Cyclo-Cross Talent Development sessions and for 2022 Mountain Bike Talent Development Centre sessions at Doddington.

Dean Hughes, East Midland "Mark has been instrumental is driving the Talent Development Centre at Doddington. Without his enthusiasm this simply would not happen. The first session was at capacity with 30 riders & seven club volunteers. This enabled us to work with the coaches pre TDC session deliveruing a coach the coach session"

"This successful format will be rolled out in February/ March 2022 for Moutnain Bike Riders. Parents were extremely positive and coaches are feeling more valued having experienced this type of format" UCI Expert, 'Coach the Coach'

British Cycling Values: Passion; Innovaiton

Fore more informaiton on the next Talent Development centre visit British Cycling Pathway Development Centre MTB-Doddington-Hall or visit the Mountain Bike Time Trial Facebook Group  for more informaiton on events 

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Name: Veronica Chamberlain

Region: Central

Role: Chair of Harrow Cycling Hub

Veronica set up the Harrow Cycling Hub and has worked to recruit a team to run, and facilitate, the Hub.

Veronica, is such a hard working and passionate volunteer. She has pursued with passion the set up of the Harrow Cycle Hub. From an initial idea to a a Hub that now has trained coaches, welfare and press officers along with equipment leaders. Veronica has negotiated the use of grounds at the council Civic Centre, along with office space for storage. She secured a grant £4000 to kick start the Hub and since then the Hub has secured funding to buy second hand bikes and equipment along with refurbishment of the space. Veronica has also run a 'Come and try it' day in conjunction with Wheels for All giving partcipants access to a range of adaptive bikes.

Feedback from Riders.

"The Ladies were absolutely lovely"

"It has given me so much more confidence I wasn't expecting"

"I benefited from trying different bikes so I have a better idea of what to buy"

Veronica runs regular meetings to keep all members up to date. The Hub has a diverse group of members and engages with riders across a number of communities.

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion

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Name: Richard Hollis

Region: Yorkshire

Role and/or Qualifications: Event Organiser and Assistant Coach

Richard is involved with Alba Rosa, Ilkley and the 4RT club cluster training sessions. He is a driving force behind activity.

Richard is a dynamic and innovative volunteer, he is actively involved in organising and helping to deliver high quality training and racing opportunities in the Yorkshire region, primarily based at the Leeds partnership facility at the Bodington centre. He has introduced women only coaching to racing sessions on the closed circuit which have proved very popular and he has helped to establish a weekly youth and junior training cluster session which attracts riders from numerous clubs. His enthusiasm for the sport and personable nature makes Richard a vital member of the Yorkshire regional volunteer workforce.

Richard has worked closely with the British Cycling Yorkshire team to help produce a variety of high quality sustainable cycling experiences for a wide range of participants including women and girls specific sessions and inclusive training opportunities for youth and junior riders. His son is progressing with his own racing ambitions which means that Richard will need to step back from his involvement now, however, his achievements and contribution over the past 6+ years should be recognised and applauded.

'Richard is a right good egg' - anonymous

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion; Integrity; Innovation

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Name: Alex Webb

Region: West Midlands

Role and/or Qualifications: Coach, Club Administrator, Event Organiser, Club Coach: Lyme Racing Club

Alex's work at Newcastle-Track, over the last two years, helped to get track racing open for racing in the UK. His work on a Covid-19 protocol has been used by British Cycling and other organisations to re-open their track leagues safely.

Alex made himself available to help Scottish Cycling and their volunteers.

He has run the Newcastle-Track for the last two years with great success under Covid-19 restrictions. Alex's involvement in cycling started as a youth rider, British Cycling Young Volunteer and is now a coach for Lyme Racing Club.

British Cycling Values: Passion; Integrity; Innovation

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Name: Michael Whittaker

Region: South

Role and/or Qualifications: Chair of Bournemouth BMX Club

Michael is the Chairman at Bouremouth BMX and could be found “cleaning the bikes, organising lights for night riding or even strimming the grass”. However, Michael is most recognised in his nominations as an encouraging and inclusive coach.

BMXercise is a women-only fitness session that takes place at a BMX track. Michael runs weekly sessions which attracts women of ALL ages – most weeks having participants from 16-65 years of age. Michael’s enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive coaching has inspired many of these women to take to racing which was for some “beyond their wildest dreams” (BMXercise participant). Michael doesn’t stop there and can be seen coaching the younger riders and giving supportive encouragement at events.

Michael’s nomination is for the time he puts into a wide variety of aspects of club activity at Bournemouth BMX.
“Michael’s enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. His dedication to club coaching and events and the time he puts into the club away from the track is much appreciated.” (Bournemouth BMX Club Member)

British Cycling Values: Passion; Unity

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