Points: Jay Doig

Current Club: West Lothian Clarion CC
Year End Club: West Lothian Clarion CC
Gender: Male
Age Category: YOUTH
Category: A
National Rank: 264
National Points: 10
Regional Rank: N/A




Date Category Event Position Points
30/09/2017 Youth Only Scottish Circuit Race Championship and Youth Road Race Championship (U16 Boys) 11 0
02/09/2017 Youth Only Back to the BellaDrome (U16 Boys) 6 4
06/07/2017 Youth Only Hameldaeme Bella (U16 Boys) 6 0
18/06/2017 Youth Only Crit Under The Castle Circuit Race inc British Cycling National Youth Circuit Series (U16 Boys)
25/05/2017 Youth Only Scottish Cycling North East Tour Series Support Events (U16 Boys) 3 1
23/05/2017 Youth Only Tour Series Motherwell Support Events (U16 Boys) 11 0
18/05/2017 Youth Only Hart's Cyclery Ingliston Crit Series #3 (U16 Boys) 14 0
08/05/2017 Youth Only Hart's Cyclery Ingliston Crit Series #2 (U16 Boys)
04/05/2017 Youth Only Return of the Bella: Johnstone Jets Crit 2 (SC West Circuit Race Series) (U16 Boys) 8 2
02/04/2017 Youth Only Crit On The Campus including the Scottish Cycling Youth Series #2 (U16 Boys) 17 0
25/03/2017 Youth Only Prissick Spring Shield Round 4 (U16 Boys) 7 3
  Rider's total points     10