Nominate your unsung Hero!

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Across the country, our lives have changed dramatically, the key workers of Wales are continuing in their roles and are carrying the weight of the nation to ensure that our country and healthcare system is still able to function during these unprecedented times. Furthermore, many individuals are taking it upon themselves to make a difference to both their local community and to wider causes.

Welsh Cycling want to highlight the unsung heroes within the cycling community of Wales to show our appreciation and to say thank you for all their hard-work.

We are calling out to all of you within the cycling community of Wales to nominate your unsung hero. Whether it’s a fellow club member who is a key worker; an individual who is utilising their bike to make a difference within the community – e.g. helping those that are vulnerable – or those who are raising money for the NHS and other charitable organisations who are set on helping others during these difficult times.

Send in your nominations for anyone you think that is deserving and who fall into these three areas. We want to say thank you to those extraordinary individuals who are exerting themselves to make a difference.

These nominations will work on a fortnightly basis. For example, the first round of these nominations will open from today and then will remain open until 12pm Thursday 14th May. Following this, throughout Friday 15th May, each nominee will be released at intervals across the day on our Twitter page. Therefore, the thread of our nominees will allow us and the rest of the cycling community in Wales to show our appreciation and to give these individuals the recognition that they deserve.

In order to nominate your unsung hero, all you have to do is fill out this form. Or you can send the name, a brief description (no more than 300 words) and an image of the individual that you are nominating to If you decide to fill out the form, could you please also email an image of the nominee to the above email address.

Don’t delay, send in your nominations today to give some recognition to your unsung hero.