Message from Welsh Cycling's chair, Nick Smith

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As you are all aware, we are in difficult times and our sport has become a victim of the Coronavirus pandemic, but I am sure you would agree the safety of all is paramount.

The team at Welsh Cycling are doing all with their power to operate as normal and preserve the future of our sport. As soon as it is possible to do so we will start supporting clubs, volunteers and riders to recommence competitive sport; further, we will recommence all the formal organised social rides. British, Scottish and Welsh Cycling are working very closely to limit any long-term damage to the sport.

I would like to thank all members for their support during this difficult period and I promise we will endeavour to keep you abreast of developments. It is important that people remain active, healthy and maintain their wellbeing. As I type this there is no reason not to ride your bike, as at times like this getting out on your bikes is great for your health, but also your mental wellbeing. But I want to reiterate that you stick to the Government and British, Scottish and Welsh Cycling’s guidance on going out. Please be responsible, stick to safe routes, avoid large group rides and keep the required two metres apart. Let’s stick to these rules and let everyone enjoy the benefits of riding their bikes. There is also the new British Cycling programme using ZWIFT which was announced on 19 March.

The Board with the Senior Management Team are currently going through our contingency plans to ensure they meet their responsibilities to secure the business. You will not be surprised but none of our contingency plans have survived contact with Coronavirus; however, I am pleased to say elements of a number of plans emanating from our risk register have been drawn together to start to formulate a way forward. The revised Board with appointed professional Directors filling skills gaps not covered by elected members are making informed decisions with the information available. Clearly, the situation with HSBC departing adds another challenge but we are working hard to fill any financial gaps and we have a number of options available depending how things develop.

I request that you bear with us and try not to take out any frustration on staff or volunteers. Things will return to normal, whatever that is, and we will all endeavour to do what is right for the sport and members.