Kalas reveal fresh new brand identity

Kalas reveal fresh new brand identity

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After 23 years manufacturing their own brand, Kalas Sportswear have revealed a fresh new brand identity including new logos, slogan, typeface and colour. The updated look and feel reflects their position as a modern performance sportswear brand who place innovation at the heart of their development.

KALAS reveals new brand identity from KALAS Sportswear on Vimeo.

This short film explains why it was important for us to refresh our logo and identity. As cyclists, we all have our own rituals. Some of them, such as repetitive hill intervals, may have a clear and direct impact on our performance on the bike. Other aspects of our own personal routines, like our pre-ride caffeine hit, or post-ride shoe cleaning, might have less obvious performance benefits, but certainly, make us as individuals feel better. What works for one may make no sense at all for others.

Kalas Sportswear’s new logo may not necessarily make you and your kit perform better. It stands, however, as a symbol of how Kalas place passion and innovation at the heart of all they do. The care and attention that has gone into updating their identity is representative of how they approach every unique order of custom kit. Kalas exist to help you celebrate your individuality and express your creativity through your own unique style.

The original Kalas logo was registered in May 1996 and has been trademarked in over twenty countries. Since then over four million products have carried this logo. Although much loved for its genuine authenticity the original logo had become impractical in the modern digital age, with no clear solution for a portrait version and being difficult to read online when used as an avatar.

“This is a big moment in our history because until now we have only ever used the same logo and after 23 years it has become very familiar. The feeling around our company is as if we are saying goodbye to an old friend. So this is a big change, but we are absolutely delighted with the new look and are confident it will help us stand out in a very crowded market place.” - Josef Filip, CEO

“We wished to develop a modern and versatile identity that reflected the brand’s ambitions. One aspect we focused closely on was the development of a distinctive symbol that is effective as an icon or avatar, for use in social media. The new “K” symbol is strikingly different and in time will become instantly recognisable as Kalas. But the new logo is only one part of the story. In creating a new identity we have also selected a new title typeface which is very distinctive." - Jakub Věncek, Global Sales Director

The brand’s new slogan “Ride on. Stand Out.” is designed to communicate their position as both a technical brand aimed at professional and semi-professional cyclists and also specialist in custom design. Kalas give teams, clubs, companies and individuals the opportunity to express their own creativity and embody their passion through their own unique design, brought to life in professional quality products that are tested and worn by numerous world champion bike riders.

Finally, Kalas are also launching their new hashtag. Look out for it in their new campaigns on social media and join in by tagging your own images of your KALAS kit with #MYKALAS.