Join our #GoRideWales Tour this July

Join our #GoRideWales Tour this July

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With the Tour de France fast approaching and hopefully another overall victory on the cards for a Welsh Rider, we are helping to promote our clubs and take advantage of the raised profile of our sport.

We really want to make the most of this opportunity our sport will have for three weeks of the year and as such would like to encourage all our Go-Ride clubs to be part of our #GoRideWales Tour.

The idea is generally to support you in having an open day or existing coaching session with a focus on Go-Ride Racing with a distinctive Tour de France type feel to it.

We would like to support your club by coordinating these events or “stages” as we like to call them by providing you with some incentives for the riders and by proving some infrastructure and sessions plans to help create a professional Tour de France style finish line as well as some prizes in the form of Yellow jerseys.

How Does my Go-Ride Club Register?

Clubs must register the event as a Go-Ride Racing event by the British Cycling System, please ensure your membership dashboard is able to do this, If this is not on your personal dashboard please contact your local development officer and Rhys James with your British Cycling membership number in order for us to set up this feature on your dashboard.

Please complete this interest form to help us co-ordinate dates across Wales.

Upon completion of the event Welsh Cycling will contact each organiser to arrange a refund of the registration costs, this is limited to one event per club, however the clubs can register as many events as they like, though support will be limited to one per club.

Upon completion organisers will be emailed some outline coaching session plans and ideas which may be used for the session.

To find out more please contact your relevant development officer.

North Wales – Laura Twohig

South Wales – Dan Coast

West Wales – Aled Jones

All registered events must be submitted 4 days before the event is due to take place between (8-22nd July 2019).

We hope this along with another Welsh success at this year’s tour will help to engage an develop the champions of tomorrow.