Welsh Cycling appoint personal/medical Information Identification specialist ICE ID as an official supplier

Welsh Cycling appoint personal/medical Information Identification specialist ICE ID as an official supplier

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The new agreement means Welsh Cycling club members can get exclusive discounts on any ICE ID product.

Image from left to right:

Top: Welsh riders Dylan Kerfoot-Robson, Zach May, Jon Mould, Will Roberts, Sam Tillett

Bottom: Gila Overton, owner of ICE ID and Anne Adams-King, Welsh Cycling CEO.

ICE ID (In Case of Emergency Identification) leads the way in sport specific and medical bracelets that provide quick and comprehensive identification at the time of an accident or emergency – facilitating prompt and effective treatment and speedy communication with loved ones. 

They offer a comprehensive range of wristbands for men, ladies, children and those with medical conditions, which also includes dog tag necklaces and a helmet strap ID.

Welsh Cycling CEO, Anne Adams-King, says: “We’re delighted to be partnering with ICE ID as it further underlines our passion for rider safety. As the governing body for cycling in Wales, it is our responsibility to be pro-active and look for ways to increase safety for cyclists – indeed one of our major corporate objectives is for more people to have the opportunity to cycle safely.

“This partnership offers an exciting opportunity to ensure all cyclists in Wales, regardless of age or experience, are aware of the importance of wearing comprehensive identification and it’s great to be able to share the benefits and offer the opportunity to our members and riders to demonstrate just how much we care for them and value their safety.”

ICE ID owner Gila Overton, herself a former pro cyclist back in her native South Africa, says: “The synergy is perfect, because we will build awareness together from the beginner cyclist through to elite level and everyone in between. Riding and training outdoors means you have to take precautions and we are in the business of saving lives and offering peace of mind by providing all the vital personal and medical ID information as conveniently and efficiently as possible.

“Mobile phones are often damaged or locked; this is when ICE ID speaks for you, when you can’t. The first person on the scene will have access to all the vital information of the rider. It really can make all the difference because ICE ID carries your full name and postcode, family or friend’s mobile number, as well as blood group and other vital information on any allergies and medication they might have or be taking. “

All Welsh Cycling club secretaries have been emailed with information to share with all Welsh Cycling Club Members on how they can enjoy the discount.

Please see your club secretary for details or email info@welshcycling.co.uk for any queries.