Scott Beaumont: Final Preparations

Scott Beaumont: Final Preparations

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Here is the third in a series of blogs from double World Champion Scott 'Boom Boom' Beaumont as the pro-rider takes on a new challenge in his biking career; coaching.

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"Happy New Year to you all!

So much has happened since the last time I blogged for British Cycling. I left you all for Christmas having completed my two days with British Cycling coaches having learnt so much it was incredible.

On leaving the two day course at the end of October, everyone had plenty of homework to get on with over the next couple of months. As with most homework, all the answers were there in the documents and books that British Cycling provide for you. The learning just continued as I worked through some exam questions and planned out my coaching sessions.

The real fun began when I took my first practical sessions. Everyone on the course has to complete 6 one hour lessons coaching beginner and intermediate skills to a class of cyclists. The feeling after completing the first class was fantastic and confirmed that I am going to really enjoy being a coach in my future years.

I chose to link several skills to help develop everyone’s riding standard. Starting with mounting and dismounting the bikes, we moved on to cornering and braking, with some balance and coordination thrown in aswell before the final session where I set up a course which would test the riders and give them a chance to show me the various different skills that they had learnt.

After the six practical sessions, I had plenty of evaluation and review to do whilst I completed my folder of assignments.

The third and final day of the course is tomorrow (Saturday) and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone and seeing how they all did. My homework is now complete and after a quick check of everything tonight, I will be there tomorrow morning at 8.30 ready to deliver my final practical session to the group and hand in my course folder.

The whole process has been a great experience and I could not recommend it enough for anyone out there considering becoming a coach in the future. The course leaves no stones unturned and gives you all the information and confidence that you will ever need.

I will blog again next week after I have completed the final day and I will know then which is the next course I will be undertaking with British Cycling.

Till next week, enjoy your bike rides this weekend,
Scott Beaumont.

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