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Cycling should be a safe and positive experience for everybody. All those involved in the sport have a part to play in safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk. To assist with this, British Cycling will offer support and guidance, reflective of good practice, to all our members.

Separate information, policies, contacts and advice on wellbeing and protection for people in Scotland can be found here:

Safeguarding in Scotland

The following sections apply to people in England and Wales:



Victoria Brown (Lead Safeguarding Officer)
Tel: 0161 274 2076

In case of an emergency situation contact:

Police: 999
Your Local Social Care Emergency Duty Team
NSPCC: 0808 800 5000
Childline: 0800 1111

Reporting your concerns

One of the most important way to protect and safeguard children and adults at risk is to report any concerns.

Reporting your concerns

If there is no immediate risk but you have concerns about the welfare of a child or adult at risk, or you have concerns about the behaviour or practice of a coach, or anyone else involved in the sport, then talk to our Integrity and Compliance Department on 0161 274 2000 or email

Club welfare officers

All clubs are encouraged to recruit one or ideally two interested volunteers to take on this challenging but rewarding role. For further information visit club welfare officers.

It is essential that the club welfare officers make themselves known at club coaching sessions, races and events. British Cycling has created a poster allowing clubs to display a photo and basic contact details of the club welfare officer to ensure that all members are aware of who to contact should they need someone to confide in or report safeguarding concerns to.

Download poster

Whistleblowing and sharing of information/concerns

British Cycling acknowledges the need for a 'Whistleblowing policy' in line with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA). 

British Cycling whistleblowing policy

Trips, visits, and training camps with children and young people

These events are very exciting and important for a young rider's development. The majority of such trips take place without any issues however it is important to prepare for the worst case scenario. After much publicised cases where trips with children have gone wrong there is increased demand for advice to minimise risk.

Trips, visits, and training camps with children and young people

Advice on challenging behaviour and physical contact involving young people in sport

Challenging behaviour and physical contact involving young people is often portrayed as a sensitive area. This is not necessarily the case but guidance is required -

SG 3.6 Managing challenging behaviour guidelines

Safeguarding for parents

The Department for Culture Media and Sport has published a leaflet to guide parents in choosing sports clubs that demonstrate good Safeguarding practice. To access an electronic version of this document please

Safeguarding for parents

A young person's guide to child protection

You have rights. Cycling should be fun. You should be safe and enjoy your sport. You can't do that if you feel unhappy - if someone is bullying or abusing you. For help contact Childline 0800 1111 - when do you know if something is wrong?

A young person's guide to child protection

Parent in Sport poster

Download a Parent in Sport poster to display at your event, session or activity to promote positive parental involvement in cycling.


Whilst British Cycling, as far as possible, tries to ensure it is compliant and robust in its Safeguarding procedures. We welcome suggestions on how we can improve this. If you have any feedback, please email and entitle your email "Safeguarding Feedback".

Further information

For further information on safeguarding children and adults at risk please visit the following websites.

Child protection in sport unit
Disclosure & Barring Service

Ann Craft Trust – Safeguarding Adults in Sport

For information relating to criminal records disclosures in Scotland and Northern Ireland please follow the links below.

Disclosure Scotland
Access NI


The safeguarding policies and supporting documents are detailed below.

British Cycling Safeguarding Strategy 2019 – 2021
British Cycling safeguarding and protecting children policy

British Cycling safeguarding and protecting vulnerable adults policy

SG 1.1 British Cycling code of conduct
SG 1.2 British Cycling equality policy
SG 1.3 The adoption and application of codes of conduct for cycling clubs
SG 1.4 Reporting a safeguarding concern
SG 1.5 Anti-bullying guidance for cycling clubs
SG 1.6 Advice and support for junior cyclists
SG 1.7 Advice and support for individuals receiving a concern or allegation
SG 1.8 Information for those against whom a complaint has been made
SG 1.9 How to report concerns of abuse of vulnerable adult
SG 1.10 Whistle blowing
SG 1.11 British Cycling case management procedure
SG 1.12 Club welfare officer role outline

SG 2.1 Recruitment of individuals with previous convictions
SG 2.2 Specimen volunteer application form
SG 2.3 Specimen club personal reference request
SG 2.4 Specimen club reference form
SG 2.5 Umbrella DBS checks
SG 2.6 Do you require a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check?
SG 2.7 Club rides and criminal record checks
SG 2.8 DBS process 2018 onwards

SG 3.1 Duty of care when supervising children and vulnerable adults
SG 3.2 Guidelines for cycling events
SG 3.3 Cycling event contacts
SG 3.4 Club safeguarding self audit
SG 3.5 Physical contact and vulnerable people in cycling
SG 3.6 Managing challenging behaviour of children and vulnerable adults in cycling
SG 3.7 Protecting riders with disabilities
SG 3.8 Managing risks
SG 3.9 Quick guide to safeguarding
SG 3.10 Event welfare plan
SG 3.12 Riders coming and going

SG 4.1 Planning residential trips
SG 4.2 Parent and carer consent for residential trips
SG 4.3 Personal info for residential trips
SG 4.4 Away event checklist
SG 4.5 Residential trip feedback form

SG 5.1 British Cycling and information sharing
SG 5.2 Using social networking services and social media
SG 5.3 Instant messaging - safeguarding guidelines
SG 5.4 Safeguarding and photography
SG 5.5 Photographer registration document
SG 5.6 Guidance for photographers