Wellbeing and Protection

Wellbeing and Protection

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Wellbeing and Protection


Scottish Cycling Contacts

Stephen Hilbourne, Wellbeing and Protection Officer

email: wpo@scottishcycling.org.uk

Tel: 0141 554 6021

Emergency Situations


Tel: 999

Tel: 101 (non emergency)

Additional Contacts for General Safeguarding Advice

Safeguarding in Sport Enquiry Line

email: safeguardinginsport@children1st.org.uk

Tel: 0141 419 1156


Tel: 0808 800 5000


Scottish Cycling is fully committed to ensuring that all cyclists, parents, coaches and officials have only positive experiences when participating in the sport.

Scottish Cycling, as part of British Cycling, has adopted the Policy and Procedures for the protection of Children and Vulnerable adults in cycling.

We have been working with Children 1st, Sportscotland and Respect Me to ensure that our child protection procedures and policies reflect current best practice following a Scottish Cycling Safeguarding Review in November 2015.

No matter what role you play in supporting the sport of cycling in Scotland it is important to familiarise yourself with the following key documents: -

  • Scottish Cycling responding to concerns flowchart  - here
  • Scottish Cycling Wellbeing and Protection Policy  - here
  • British Cycling Code of Conduct - here