HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing downloads

HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing downloads

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A selection of downloads intended to help event organisers running HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing events. Please note, many of these are large files which may take time to download.

Event organiser resources

Event registration form

All events must be registered with British Cycling ideally six weeks prior to the event taking place. Please complete and send in this form to ensure the event is registered in time.

Levy submission form

All Go-Ride Racing events carry a £1 per rider levy; please send in all levies with a completed copy of this form within 14 days of the event.

Signing on sheets

Ensure that all riders have signed on before racing on race day by using this signing on sheet.

Lap scoring sheets

Lap scoring is an essential skill in race judging. This sheet provides a simple table format to record riders as they cross the line on each lap as well as tables to display the total number of laps completed and the final result.

Results sheets

Record final event results on this sheet.

Go-Ride Racing blank poster

Go-Ride Racing image poster