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HSBC UK Go-Ride downloads

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In this section you will find resources relating to HSBC UK Go-Ride which will help in the administration of your coaching and racing sessions.


Equality policy

Code of conduct

National Cycling Centre bike size chart

Go-Ride Racing resources

Rider development sessions

Bike hire agreement

Best practice guidelines – club activity


Clubmark is Sport England’s cross-sport quality accreditation for clubs with junior sections. By achieving HSBC UK Go-Ride Clubmark status your club is showing that it adopts a responsible and welcoming attitude towards young people and that you are committed to providing high quality opportunities, in a safe and supportive environment for young people to get involved with our fantastic sport.

The Go-Ride development team will support the club every step of the way to help it achieve this high level of accreditation and once your club has achieved this it will be able to access benefits such as coaching bursary’s and volunteer clothing.


Section 1: Coaching and competition

Section 2: Welfare

Section 3: Club management

Section 4: Knowing your club and it’s community

Clubmark renewal

Clubmark renewal