Track World Cup elite riders got their wheels turning at Go-Ride

Track World Cup elite riders got their wheels turning at Go-Ride

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Source: British Cycling

The UCI Track Cycling World Cup will see a very young Great Britain team taking to the boards at the National Cycling Centre, with an average age of just 22. These riders are among the best in the world and British Cycling is proud to announce that 70 per cent of the team on the track this weekend have progressed from the Go-Ride programme.

Go-Ride clubs deliver coaching and racing activities for young people, week in week out. With the support of the Go-Ride team, the clubs provide a friendly and welcoming environment for young riders, with fun and challenging activities in traffic-free environments. Additionally, the clubs feed into the Olympic Talent programme, so it is here we see champions of the future getting into racing for the first time.

The track world cup will undoubtedly inspire many young people around the country to join their local Go-Ride clubs, where they can emulate their cycling heroes. The Go-Ride programme also provides young riders with the opportunity to ride in the same iconic venues as the elite riders, with the recent introduction of the Go-Ride Racing winter offer.

Go-Ride clubs hosting two entry-level races this autumn or winter were invited to send their riders to try track cycling the weekend before the track world cup, at various venues across the country. As part of the winter offer, riders from Go-Ride clubs also have the opportunity to race at the National Cycling Centre – a week after the world’s best has competed on the same velodrome at the track world cup.

It’s clear how much of an impact the track world cup has already had, when it comes to inspiring participation in the sport:

  • So far, 37 Go-Ride clubs have provided their riders with the opportunity to get involved with two Go-Ride Racing events this autumn/winter – totalling 83 events.
  • An average of 25 riders attend each Go-Ride Racing event, so these 83 Go-Ride Racing events will have delivered 2,075 opportunities for young people to participate in racing with their clubs.
  • As a result of the clubs’ efforts, over 60 riders have taken up the opportunity of riding at some of the country’s most iconic cycling venues.

The UCI Track World Cup takes place from Friday 1 November to Sunday 3 November, at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.


For more information about the Go-Ride Racing winter offer, please click here. For more information about the Go-Ride programme, please visit


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