Darren Kenny Sets Hour Record

Darren Kenny Sets Hour Record


Darren Kenny Sets Hour Record

Story posted February 14
By Larry Hickmott

Not part of the World Cup programme, four time Paralympic champion in Beijing, Darren Kenny’s record attempt is a private challenge that he and his coach Gary Brickley took on and the Danish organisers were happy to help him out.

It started at 7pm on Saturday night and there were all the Tissot people and commissiares and officials as well as a small crowd who had stayed back to cheer him on. Darren started quickly and his coach had to calm him down which he did. Darren then circled the track lap after lap and after the hour, a distance of 40.516km covered,  the gun went and Darren collapsed into the arms of his coach who helped him off his bike and onto the floor of the track.

Darren was in such a state, that a doctor came over to him as well and slowly he came around and was given water before being given his road bike to do one more lap of the track. Afterwards, the Danish organisers gave him some flowers and he spoke to us. “That was horrible. I think I controlled it quite well but it was still worse than the previous record attempt.”

“That was seriously unpleasant but I am pleased with the distance. Originally we wanted to do the athletes record but first thought it better to get the other record first. With Team GB, it is all about the bike and all that so I wanted to go out there and do it without that excuse if you like. The bike was good and although I only got it from Terry (Dolan) last night, we got the position just right and it handled well, really smooth.”

“Gary and I felt we needed something for me to focus on between Beijing and whenever and learn some new skills and looking back on it, it has been fun even though it doesn’t feel very pleasant right now!”

Congratulations to Darren and Gary on the record.