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Paracycling European Road Cup

Story posted August 6, 2009

The Great Britain Paracycling Development Team attended the latest round of European Road Cup in Piacenza, Italy to test themselves against the best riders in Europe. The team consisted of Russell White, Shaun McKeown, Terry Bryne, Rebecca Rimmington and Lora Turnham. The race was run over two stages with a road race on the Saturday and a 16km Time Trial on the Sunday.

Road Race
Glorious weather greeted the riders for the first day of racing with temperatures in the low 30's and clear blue skies. The race was over a 2.4km town centre circuit with race distances between 48 - 72km. First race was the CP3 race with Shaun as the sole GB rider  up against the Spanish trio that include World Champion Maurice Eckhard, Jaun Guiterrez and ex Tour de France rider Javier Ochoa.

Ochoa and Guiterrez attacked from the gun quickly gaining a 30 seconds advantage on the field. The gap stayed steady at 30 seconds for the first 10 laps before a flurry of attacks brought the gap down to 15 seconds and it looked like the two leaders would be caught. A bit of cat and mouse ensued however in the chase group and the gap on the two leaders begun to grow again.

Behind them, the main bunch was caught by the leading LC3 riders who then proceeded to split the field. Shaun was having a great race and managed to stay with the leading LC2's until 1 lap to go where he was tailed off. However he still had enough energy to win the sprint for 4th, finishing 20 seconds down on 3rd place rider Tomas Kvasnicka from the Czech republic with Oxtoa finishing second behind Guiterrez after losing the two up sprint for the line.

1. Jaun Emilio Gutierrez (Spain)
2. Javier Ochoa (Spain)
3.  Tomas Kvasnicka (Czech Republic)
4. Shaun McKeown (Great Britain Development)
5. Jean Quevillon (Canada)
6. Maurice Eckhard (Spain)
7. Braydon Mcdougali (Canada)
8. Herve Caron (France)
9. Francesco Alberghini (Italy)
10. Giorgio Farroni (Italy)

Terry Bryne had a induction of fire in the LC2 road race over 72km in the mid afternoon sun. Attacks went from the gun and Terry was able to stay the early pace before losing contact with the leaders after eight laps. He showed a great never-say-die attitude to keep on riding strongly to eventually finished 12th. The race was won by Italian Eduard Novak who attacked with Czech rider Jiri Jezek after 8 laps and stayed away to the finish to win by some two minutes chasing group that contested 3rd place.

1. Eduard Novak, Italy
2. Jiri Jezek, Czech Republic
3. Roberto Bargna, Italy

12. Terry Bryne, Great Britain Development)

A similar pattern followed in the LC1 race where two riders escaped from the main group after four laps. Angelo Maffezzoni of Italy and John Ballatore from France steady built up a 40 seconds gap over the main bunch. Russell White (GB) was very active in the main group trying on three separate occasions to bridge the gap to the two leaders but couldn't escape the clutches of the main field. Angelo won the sprint for first place while a bunch of 16 riders contested the sprint for 4th place after Wolfgang Sacher of Germany clipped off the front with 1km to go to take 3rd place. Russell finished 8th in the group sprint to take 11th place overall on the day.

1. Angelo Maffezzoni (Italy)
2. Johan Ballatore (France)
3. Wolfgang Sacher (Germany)

11. Russell White (Great Britain)

Women's Tandem
The tandem women’s race saw the largest field of the ERC so far with 10 tandems on the start line. They started 30 seconds behind the tandem men and with a 2.4km lap, it meant that the women’s race was heavily influenced by the men’s race as the two races quickly merged. The German pairing of Henrike Handrup and Ellen Heiny and Irish pairing of Catherine Walsh and Caroline Ryan both jumped in with the male leaders getting paced to an unassailable lead over the rest of the women. GB pairing, Rebecca Rimmington and Lora Turnham fought a four up battle throughout the race with the Canadians, Italians and first Polish pairing, eventually coming out on top when they won a three up sprint for 3rd place, narrowly beating the Canadian pairing.

1. Henrike Handrup and Ellen Heiny (Germany)
2. Catherine Walsh and Caroline Ryan (Ireland)
3. Lora Turnham and Rebecca Rimmington (Great Britain Development)
4. Genevieve Quellet and Mathilde Hupin Debeurne (Canada)
5. Cinzia Coluzzi and Barbara Lancioni (Italy)

Sunday Time Trials
The time trial again saw beautiful sunshine, but this time with a stiff breeze that slowed times on what would have otherwise been a quick course around quiet roads based around the time of Cortemaggiore. There were some very strong performances from the Great Britain Team with Shaun McKeown again finishing 4th on the 20km course in 31.24, 2.50 behind winner Juan Guitierrez of Spain. This gave him a fantastic 3rd place overall in his first ever international race from 10 finishers in the CP3 category.

The tandem girls were also on form taking 2nd place in the TT in 29.31, just 16 seconds behind the winners Cinzia and Barbara from Italy. This was good enough to lift them to 2nd place in the overall standings. There were also strong rides from Russell White with a 28.41 to finish 11th place, 1.50 down on the winner Wolfgang Eibeck from Austria and Terry Bryne in 33.17 who finished 11th on the day, 6 minutes 16 seconds down on LC2 winner Eduard Novak of Italy.

Overall CP3
1. Juan Gutierrez (Spain)
2. Javier Ochoa (Spain)
3.Shaun McKeown (Great Britain Development)
4. Tomas Kvasnicka (Czech Republic)
5. Maurice Eckhard (Spain)

Tandem Women
1. Henrike Handrup and Ellen Heiny (Germany)
2. Lora Turnham and Rebecca Rimmington (Great Britain Development)
3. Cinzia Coluzzi and Barabara Lancioni (Italy)
4. Catherine Walsh and Caroline Ryan (Ireland)
5. Ana Martinez and Beatriz Escribano (Spain)

1. Wolfgang Sacher (Germany)
2. Pierpaolo Addesi (Italy)
3. Sebastian Signornino (italy)
12. Russell White (Great Britain)

1. Eduard Novak (Romonia)
2. Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic)
3. Christain Wilberger (Austria)
11. Terry Bryne (Great Britain Development)

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