International Paralympic Day

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London 2012 to host International Paralympic Day in September 2011

Posted: 6th April | Source: International Paralympic Committee

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) today announced that it will host International Paralympic Day on 8 September 2011 in Trafalgar Square.

With ticket applications for the London 2012 Paralympic Games opening the next day on 9 September, the event will showcase Paralympic sports and will give the public a chance to learn more about Paralympic sport and experience first-hand the inspiration and excitement of Paralympic athletes.

International Paralympic Day is held every two years in Germany by the International Paralympic Committee but with the London 2012 Paralympic Games happening in just over 500 days to go, it was decided that London was an ideal place to hold the event and showcase elite-level Paralympic sport.

Members of the public who attend International Paralympic Day will have the opportunity to meet and join UK and international Paralympic athletes as well as find out more about each of the 20 Paralympic sports.

Seb Coe, Chair of LOCOG said: 'I'm thrilled and honoured that we'll be hosting International Paralympic Day here in London in September. It's fantastic way for the public to learn more about Paralympic sports and get a taster of the excitement that they will witness during the Paralympic Games in just over 500 days time.

Sir Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee said: `The last International Paralympic Day was held in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate so it's fantastic that this year the event will be held in another iconic location. International Paralympic Day will be the greatest showcase of Paralympic sport in the UK before the start of the Paralympic Games in 2012 and I'm delighted that London 2012 is hosting it."

Tim Reddish OBE, Chair of the British Paralympic Association said: `London 2012 for us is about more than just chasing down every medal that we can. It's about putting Paralympic sport on firmly on the map so that the nation sees and appreciates our brilliant sportsmen and women. International Paralympic Day is a great way of helping that engagement process and we're thrilled to be involved.'

Tickets applications for the Paralympic Games will open 9 September 2011. An announcement on Paralympic Games ticket prices and the sports competition schedule will be made in May.