Volunteers: In Focus - April 2021

Volunteers: In Focus - April 2021

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We are making 2021 the Year of the Volunteer and shining a light on the brilliant work volunteers do for all forms of cycling across the home nations. We want to acknowledge the huge contribution volunteers make to cycling, and recognise the wide variety of roles undertaken to activate, support, lead, and deliver at all levels. 

Each month, we are taking nominations from our across the regions and home nations. If you think someone deserves a mention, get in touch on social media with your respective regional or national teams or via @BCCoaches on Twitter.

A huge thank you and well done to all that have been nominated in April 2021 from everyone at British Cycling.

Name: Emma Downey 

Region: South

Role and/or Qualifications: Coach, BMXercise Champion

Over the last year Emma has become an invaluable BMXercise Champion. She has been instrumental in ensuring that the BMXercise community in Bristol remains engaged through such a tough year whether that is by online calls and activites, one on one rides or groups rides (when allowed). She has also been supportive in getting further BMXercise sessions starting in Bristol, as well as Teen/Mini BMXercise to engage more girls into cycling and BMX.

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Name: Breeze Derby

Region: East Midlands

Role and/or qualification: HSBC UK Breeze

Throughout the 3rd and hopefully final restrcitions, the Derby Breeze ladies took on an adventure cycling the distance from Derby to Kenya. The adventure was a great piece of engagement providing support to fellow ride leaders and programme participants alike, additionally encouraging much-needed social element through a time when it was most needed. You can view their journey through this excellent video.

Huge thanks, Teri, Val, Zillah, Angela and Jane for your efforts in encouraging people to ride and keep riding!

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Name: David Hadsley

Region: Eastern

Role and/or qualification: Event Organiser for CC Ashwell CXs

After a long period of lockdown Dave's desire to get events running was infectious. He managed to get a team of likeminded club folk to support him running a series of Cyclo Cross events. The diligence made sure the three events he ran met Covid Guidelines and gave the opportunity to 223 seniors, 88 Under 16’s and 91 Under 12’s. This included 81 women and girls. Not only did these events allow the riders to enjoy themselves, it also gave a confidence to other organisers to look at running events. Sadly the second lockdown prevented the region having the planned full winter Cyclo Cross calendar. As can also be seen from the picture Dave loves to ride himself but this never entered his mind as he just wanted to put on the events for others.

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Name: Liz Fairweather

Region: Glasgow Gals CC, Scottish Cycling

Role and/or qualification: Club Volunteer

Liz has been a key part of the team at Glasgow Gals Cycling Club working behinds the scenes to help ensure the club did not stagnate and continued to support people with their physical and mental wellbeing. Liz has continued to deal with new memberships and enquires, created a welcome pack, supported and organised social rides and skill sessions as well as sharing best practice with other clubs and organisations. Liz goes the extra mile to support club members with everything from technology to join zoom sessions to recce riding new routes.

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Name: Paul Tunnell

Region: South East

Role and/or qualification: Adiscombe Cycling Club and Regional Official

Paul Tunnell is a member of Adiscombe CC, and has been a volunteer in the sport for as long as many in the region can remember.  Paul was, until last couple of years, our regional treasurer, and has been a long time member of the South East board usually riding his bike to Board meetings, he also volunteers for CTT. Paul is mostly known in the community for his dedication to Commissairing, and is a regular volunteer with the Road Race leagues.

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Name: Emma Roberst

Region: South West

Role and/or qualification: Level 2 MTB Coach, Bikeability Instructor, Breeze Champion

Emma is a passionate Level 2 MTB Coach, National Standard Instructor and Breeze Champion in Cornwall. She is dedicated to making cycling more inclusive for everyone, particularly children and women. She has set up a number Go-Ride Clubs within the South West, including the newly formed Woody’s Bike Project, where she’s been recruiting volunteers (including Young Volunteers) to run sessions and events in 2021. Throughout the pandemic, she’s been following government and British Cycling guidelines to keeppeople on their bikes as much as possible! Thanks, Emma, for all your hard work and enthusiasm!

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