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Round 3 of the British BMX series once again took place at the Indoor BMX Centre in Manchester. It’s been brilliant to avoid the worst that winter can throw at us in rounds one and two but we managed to get the polar opposite for round three.

A blazing hot weekend that saw us racing indoors with everyone desperate to move down the road to Platt Fields but it wasn't to be, although you just know that if the weekend was scheduled as an outdoor race it would have been lashing it down with rain!


The 9-12 cruiser saw a good win for Josh Coppin from Lewis Locker and Ethan Squibb with Kim Bapista reppin' for the ladies with a strong fourth place. Ryan Brookes was initially going well in the final till a slipped pedal and a knock to the shin took him out of contention.

The 13-14’s was a good battle between Tom Novis and Scott Dominguez with Shane Redgewell third on the day. Scott took second place with Tom winning the main. The 15-16 cruiser saw Roy 'The Boy' Jones in his other race kit which threw off the commentators for a while, Andrew Green doesn't even have a race kit and he took second with Charlie Leggett third. The 30+ ladies cruiser saw the return of Kim Bent to take a win from Nikki Spiers and Claire Morrison. Lea Pendleton took 4th in her Spiderman pajamas.

The 45+ cruiser race seems to bring non-stop action, whether its guys crashing or Ady Warden's mid lap screams it’s never dull. Ady had to settle for second before he went back to memorising the UCI rulebook with Kai Riviere third. The win went to Craig Robertson in that one. The 40-44 cruiser wasn't exactly boring either! Nigel Page missed a race completely, Steve Keech invoked the 'commentators curse' with a crash on the third straight. We were being nice about him too! Ian Sharp hit the turbo chargers to win from Alan Hill and Karl Sanderson. It was almost too action packed!

The 35-39 race was quiet with only 13 riders in attendance but when the top three are Reidy, Oggy and Super Mario Presi you know the action more than made up for it. In the 30-34 category the start list was even more depleted with only five riders and they finished like this; Homans, Dayson, Block, Ferguson, Chapple. I can't leave one out really can I? The 17-29 ladies went to Ria Goodman from 'Choo Choo' Biggs and Louise Abbott in third. Cruiser ladies rock, and don't you forget it! The last class was 17-29 male which Jack Hall took from wire to wire from Oliver Cutmore and Keiron McAvoy.


Sunday saw 20 inch get underway with six and under aka future pros. I think someone shot Felix 'Micro' Twitchett out of a cannon as he streaked away for a win from Dexter Phillips and Jared Coppin. Preston Field recovered from a first lap tumble to take fourth.

Six and under girls ups the cuteness by a factor of ten. The little ladies gave it their all with Sienna Harvey taking the win from Isabella Hurry. Isabella lost a shoe in the fourth moto and went back for it, even saying thank you to the official for putting her shoe back on for her, very sweet! In the 7-year-old boys, Rupert 'Mini' Twitchett made it two for Team Twitchett for the weekend but it wasn't without a battle with Jacob Murray and a hard charging Finlay Todd. The 7-8 girls saw Emma Jeffers take her very first national win but where was Emily Hutt? Emily took a tumble that ruled her out for the day. Isla Harvey was second and Isabel Hallam third.

Eight year old boys saw Ethan Duffy take yet another win for Manchester, on it like a car bonnet! Benjamin Perry put a great ride in for second with Chance Edmond third, Alfie Bax was fourth. The 9-10 girls had nineteen riders and Isobel Hines was the fastest of them leading Emily Orena and Imogen Hill home.

Shock horror in the 9 boys as Keon Smith McDermott's mullet has almost gone! It gave him the aerodynamic effect he was looking for to take the win from Ethan Craik and Luke Shriever. More points in the bag for BMX's Billy Ray Cyrus. The 10 boys saw plenty of action with Kobi Joyce picking up the spoils from Alex Brookes and Matt Hutt. Keiran Bolton put a solid ride in for fourth with Connor Cassidy being distracted by his dad's odd socks and sandals combo to end up fifth on the day.

The 11 b oys was a good battle between Josh Pters and Ethan Squibb with Lochlan Dudley in close proximity. Finn Mead was going well till a third straight crash ended his chances. The 11-12 girls is always good value with some good battles but it was Kim Baptista chalking up another win from Ellie

Jo Chappell and a great result for Megan Wherry in third. Taryn McConnell rode strong for fourth.

Euan Hunt rocked the 12 boys category and seems to have the edge on a host of strong riders including Shay Casey, Lewis Locker, Myles Fisher and Ross Cullen. CJ Darby picked himself up off the floor after a crash to take sixth. The 13 boys category is stacked, and we have to start with healing vibes for Jamie Fennell from Redditch after a massive crash. Ethan Vernon was top dog on the day but Harley Taylor and Wilfred Njuguna were snapping at his heels with Eddie Moore in fourth. Will Greaves had a solid ride for fifth.

The 13-14 girls saw Beth Shriever getting her shred on but it was nearly all over early after a tangle with Lauren Stack and Emily Green left all three girls on the deck and Emily and Lauren on a trip to A & E. Lauren was back trackside later but the reports are that Emily has a broken wrist. Get well soon Emily.

After all this, Alesi Tye was second and Blaine Ridge Davis a respectable third. In 14 boys Lee Golder won all his motos and his semi and it was looking set for another win from the Big Daddy man. Tom Novis had other ideas and swiped the points leaving Lee in second and Rob Jesson third. Scott Dominguez came in fourth and Kye White took his Dialled Bike to fifth.

Jake Power owned the 15 boys race and is looking incredibly strong with Roy Jones and Olive Webley trying to get close but to no avail. George Hawker had a nasty off but got up and finished his lap. Molly Dobson is still looking for that elusive win but it’s not just happening at the moment in 15-16 girls for the Queen of Twitter. Izzy Ferrada looked strong in the motos but come final time Natasha Bradley got brutal and was taking no prisoners, just the win. Izzy was second, Jenny Noble third and Molly fourth. Paddy Sharrock has the 16's on lockdown but you need to keep a close eye on Cameron Jeffers as he is improving, fast. Aaron Brown took a good third place.

The 17-24 boys saw the Hawker brothers face each other for the first time and it was Robert who did best with a third to Michael's seventh. Jordan Smith was second to Jack Hall who made it two wins for the weekend. Shaun Issitt took time off from sweepstakes and marking to get sixth. The 25-29 race was small on numbers with 12 riders and the Fry/Bancroft battle continued with Shaun just beating Warren again. Keiron McAvoy rounded out the podium.

Masters was nuts. Dylan Clayton kept his Dr.Smooth moniker intact with another stellar performance. Alex Dick had yet another chance to punt him over the last turn and did the gentlemanly thing and kept it polite. Simon Homans took third and Daz Reidy fourth. Matt Allen just gave it up as a bad job after two

motos and went to ride Birmingham track instead! Veteran saw Pete Power demonstrate the meaning of 'like father, like son' by adding to Jake's victory in the 15's. Keith Bryceland and Rich Green were second and third but not close enough. Tim Phelps was fourth and Darren O Brien fifth. The Warlock tapered down for this race by having one starter in Nando's and not two and pulled some semi final moves to bag a sixth.

Junior men was ruled by Quillan Isidore again, but the real action came on the first straight with a collision between Reece Hoggatt and Jay Schippers that sent Jay over the bars in a terrifying crash. After a few minutes he got up and walked away but it was frightening, look up the video on YouTube and you'll see what I mean. Championship female saw Shanaze Reade in the mix again which was what everyone wanted to see, the 'queen bee' of BMX took the win from Great Britain Academy rider Abbie Taylor and Charlotte Green with the future Mrs Batey Emily James in fourth place. There were 14 girls in championship women so the class is growing.

Elite Men and the level just doesn't drop. Fresh off his SX win on Saturday night and Marcus Bloomfield had an absolute mare in the semi on Sunday by coming unclipped, rolling the first double and having to chase the rest of the pack. In the meantime there had been carnage elsewhere on the track and

Bloomy just rode through it all to claim a finals spot from an almost impossible position. A living example of not giving up in a race was then bettered by a gate to line final that saw him take the win. Fifty extra press ups for the academy boys at training this week then! Dan McBride took a strong second place with Latvia's Toms Mankus third and Harry Styles...sorry...I meant Curtis Manaton in fourth.

So that's the end of the indoor sector of national racing this year. Almost everyone I spoke to is desperate to race outside again, so the Birmingham national should be a blinder, we'll see you there.


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