2012 National BMX Series Regulations

2012 National BMX Series Regulations

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 1. These rules relate to the 2012 BMX National Race Series and should be read in conjunction with the BC Regulations of BMX Racing. Any regulations not covered in these regulations will be governed by the BC BMX Regulations or any other BC regulation or Byelaw.

2. No Rider will be allowed to compete in the BC BMX National Series without a valid BC Licence. For the purposes of these regulations the term “BC LICENCE” is taken to include a valid licence from any other UCI Affiliated governing body.

3. Age Classes


4. Registration

4.1. Pre-Registration

4.1.1. Riders who have pre-registered via the British Cycling Registration system will be required to confirm their attendance at the event during the scheduled registration period – there will be a separate area for this.

4.2. Registration on the Day

4.2.1. Registration without the full race fee will not be accepted.

4.2.2. Riders or their representatives will be required to show the competitors race licence to the Officials.

4.2.3. Registration must be completed using the rider’s correct name, BC/UCI Affiliated club and team where applicable, race class, plate number and BC/UCI Licence number.

4.2.4. Registration Fees Race fees

Pre Registration:

Male and Female up to 16: £15.00 (20” & 24”)

Male and Female 17+ /Junior: £20.00 (20” & 24”)

Elite Men £25.00

On the Day Entry:

Male and Female up to 16: £17.00 (20” & 24”)

Male and Female 17+/Junior: £22.00 (20” & 24”)

Elite Men £27.00

5. Race Age Calculation

5.1. The age class a rider is eligible to ride is determined by his age which shall be calculated by subtracting the rider’s year of birth from the current year unless by qualification from previous years rankings.

5.2. Any rider who achieves a ranking in the top two of their own class may elect to “ride up” one age group the following year. Should the rider again achieve a top two ranking they may elect to ride up one further year.

5.3. Any Cruiser rider aged over 30 can elect to ride in their correct age or in any younger class with a minimum race age of 17.

5.4. Any rider aged over 30 can elect to ride in their correct age or in any younger class with a minimum race age of 19 including Elite.

5.5. Riders who are part of the British Cycling BMX Talent Team may request via the Talent Team Manager to compete in Championship Female or Elite Male for the final round of the series.

5.6. The choice of competing class shall be made for the whole series. Any rider wishing to return to their race age class or move out of the Championship category may only do so by written application to the BC BMX Commission.

6. Nine registered riders shall constitute a male class and 4 in a female class. If less than the required numbers of riders are registered, they will be combined with another suitable class. In the case of the Elite class, if there are less than 9 riders the class will run, although prize money will be reduced by 50%. If less than 4 riders, the class will not run.

7. Award Qualification Rules

7.1. Series and Event awards

Awards will be given to the top 3 in the following categories. Awards will be presented after each final.

Prize Money: Due to online entry, prize money may have to be paid after the event by British Cycling.

7.2. Series Points Structure and Points Qualification Rules

Example: A Rider winning each of their Motos and the A Final will score; 4 + 4 + 4 + 42 = 54 points

7.3. Riders will qualify for points as indicated in table A.

7.4. Moto points are given to riders for each of the three Motos.

7.5. Where classes are combined (e.g. one class has less than four riders) the points will be awarded as follows;

7.5.1. Moto points as per each rider’s actual finishing position in each Moto.

7.5.2. Final points for the main class will be awarded according to their finishing position after the combined class riders have been removed.

7.5.3. Final points for the combined class will be awarded according to their finishing position in their own class i.e. a rider finishing 6th in a B final will be awarded 1st place points if he is the first placed rider in that class.

7.5.4. Where a combined class exceeds 8 riders the class is treated as one race class for the purposes of transferring to following rounds. Combined class riders are not removed from the racing except by natural race elimination.

7.5.5. Where two combined classes gives 8 or less riders their finishing position will be calculated at the completion of all races as shown in the example below (Table B)

Table B

7.5.6. The BC BMX Commission reserve the right to add Bonus Points for riders competing in specific events that do not form part of the National Series e.g. European Series Rounds held in the UK. Notification of these events will be made to riders no later than the close of registration at National Series Round 1.

8. Transfer System

8.1. When there are no more than 8 riders in a class, the riders shall compete as one group and race 3 Motos with the points awarded for each placing plus a 4th GP Final Race with “A” Final series points awarded on the results of the four races.

8.2. When more than 8 riders have registered in a class, it will be necessary to place them in Motos of no more than 8 riders. The riders will be rotated within the class Motos such that riders will have a change of competitor to race against in each Moto. After 3 Motos have been run, the top scoring riders will transfer on to the next round to make 8 riders in each race of the next round. Note, these points are based on normal race points, not the National Series points.

8.3. Where riders for the last “X” places in the next round are tied on points after the third Moto a run off will be held with the first “X” riders to legitimately cross the finish line progressing to the next stage of competition.

8.4. In classes with semi finals, the riders finishing in 5-8th places will compete in a “B” Final.

9. Lane Allocation System

9.1. In Motos, a rider’s lane will be selected by the computer software, which will automatically and randomly allocate the rider’s lane.

9.2. In Qualifier rounds (quarter and semi finals) and Main Finals, each rider will pick their own lane with the order of riders picking lanes being based on the results of the Motos for the first qualifier round after the Motos or the results of the previous qualifier round plus count back if required.

9.3. In GP classes with a 4th Moto the lane selection for Moto 4 will be selected by the race software.

10. Number Plates

10.1. Riders must use the plate and number colour combinations specified for the class in which they are racing as given in the general regulations.

10.2. Regional coloured plates and Regional ranking numbers are not allowed at BMX National Series events. Current British Champions and World/European finalists may choose to use their Championship plates and numbers.

10.3. All riders will display their age / class range by label on the top right corner.

10.4. Side number plates are mandatory.

11. Appeals/Protests/Assistance

11.1. Only male or female riders aged 9 & under may be assisted by an adult in any protest or appeal.

11.2. At the start gate, all riders competing at national level must be able to balance on two pedals without assistance or commence with just the lead foot on the pedal.

11.2.1. This may only be done by holding the rear wheel of the bike between the supporter’s legs

11.2.2. The use of hands to support a rider is prohibited.

11.3. Only riders aged 6 & under may be assisted by an adult at jumps, etc. and this must be with the approval and guidance of the Chief Commissaire.

11.4 Only competing riders and officials may enter the rider pens or start hill. Parents/Guardians of riders in the 6 & under category may accompany riders to the entrance of the pens, but no further.

12. Team Racing Regulations

12.1. There will be two competitions; one for factory/shop teams and one for club teams, which will be run as two separate series with the top team awarded a trophy at the end of the series.

12.2. Each team must be registered with BC at least one month prior to the competition commencing. Only affiliated teams will be eligible to have their name on Moto sheets, BC promotional material, series rankings etc. Note: The Moto sheets can only show one team and club for each rider – preference will be given to trade names.

12.3. A team can comprise any number of riders. Riders can only be included in the team they have registered on i.e. a rider’s result will not count for their club if they have only registered under a trade team – both Team and Club boxes should be completed at Registration.

12.4. All teams, irrespective of the number of registered riders, will be automatically entered into the competition.

12.5. Team points will be the best four results for each registered team or as many riders as they have competing if less than 4. Team points will follow the same structure as a rider’s individual ranking points, with an additional 5 points awarded to riders reaching a quarter-final and an additional 10 points for any rider reaching a semi-final.

12.6. The season’s overall winner will be determined from all events in the series. The results of the competition will be displayed on the BC web site as soon as possible after the event.

13. Schedule of Events

13.1. Schedule of events will be published in a separate publication prior to the first round of the Series. Variations may be published before each round.

13.2. Outside of the specified Practice and Race Times indicated above, the host club has the right to close, or limit access to, the track. Also, since no First Aid or track marshals will be available outside of the official times above, the rider/parent/team manager takes full responsibility for any incidents that may occur.