2010 British BMX Championships

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2010 British BMX Championships

Date: 17th-19th September

Broadway House Holiday Park, Axbridge Road, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3DB

Staying on site
To pre book your camping requirements, check out the website: www.broadwayhousepark.co.uk or contact direct:
Tel: 01934 742610
Email: enquiries@broadwayhousepark.co.uk

Parking will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Onsite parking will be available on all 3 event days. Once full, the overflow parking will be on the opposite side of the road to the main entrance.

Event Schedule
Gate Practice 4pm until 7pm
Cost £3.00 per rider

Saturday 18th September
Rider Check In with region (Bar area or trackside) 10am until 1pm
(Regions will be expected to present their final list to race Admin (trackside) no later than 1:30pm with full payment by cheque)

Practice - Regional plates not required to access open practice: subject to confirmation
Group 1 (Male 6-10, female 6-12) 9:30am until 9:55am
Group 2 (Male 11-16, Female 13-16) 10am until 10:25am
Group 3 (Male 17 & over, Female 17 & over) 10:30am until 10:55am
Group 4 (All Cruisers) 11am until 11:25am

Gate Practice - Regional plates are required to access gate practice:
Group 1 (Male 6-10, female 6-12) 11:30am until 12:25pm
Group 2 (Male 11-16, Female 13-16) 12:30pm until 1:25pm
Group 3 (Male 17 & over, Female 17 & over) 1:30pm until 2:25pm
Group 4 (All Cruisers) 2:30pm until 3:15pm

Cruiser Racing (Saturday)
Motos 3:30pm
Semi Finals * 5pm until 5.15pm
Finals * 5.30pm until 6pm

National presentation at the Bar area 7:30pm - 9pm

Sunday 19th September
Warm - Up - With gates
Male 14 and under, Female 16 and under 8am until 8:35am
Male 15 and over, Female 17 and over 8:40am until 9:15am

Opening Ceremony & Motos 9.30am
Riders Parade * 1pm until 1:30pm
Quarter Finals * 1:45pm until 2:15pm
Semi Finals * 2:30pm until 3:15pm
Finals * 3:30pm

Brits Presentation 4:30pm
* Times may vary - please listen to announcements from the Commentators.

Please Note:
Outside these specified Practice and Race times the track will be closed. Marshals and First Aid will not be available outside of these times. Riders/Parents/Team Managers take full responsibility for any incidents that may occur.

General Registration Information
Male 20": 6 & Under, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-24, 25-29,
Master (30+), Veteran (40+), Junior, Elite
Female 20": 6 & Under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, Championship
Cruiser: 9-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45+, 25+ Female

2, Riders who have "ridden up" in age classes at a Regional Series may ride their true age group at the Brits based on 2010 minus year of birth. This also applies to female riders who may ride in male classes at regional level and wish to ride in a female class at this event.

3, National 20" Elite riders must ride 20" Elite.

4, If a rider has qualified via the Regional Series on 20" but not on Cruiser or vice versa, they are allowed to ride both classes.

5, Riders must compete on the correct Regional plate - both colour and suffix. The exception to this is Elite riders who will compete on their 2010 National plates or UCI number. The only other exception is for riders using a 2010 World (W), European (E) or British Champion 01 ranking plate.

6, Riders from the Isle of Man should ride with a single digit followed by M. IOM riders should register via the North Region. Riders living in South Wales should qualify via the SW region series. Riders living in North Wales should qualify via the North region series.

7, Side plates MUST be white with Black numbers and with ranking and regional number in one line - all 80mm high minimum e.g. 223 or 22 3 - no decimal point on side plates as there will not be room. At least 15mm clear white background between all numbers and no coloured edging to numbers.

8. Number plate colour combinations per region and regional number are as follows:
North (& IOM) White plate, black numbers *4 (IOM *7) Scotland Black plate with white numbers *6
South West Light green plate with black numbers *2 East Anglia Yellow plate with black numbers *3
South Blue plate with white numbers *5 Midlands Red plate with white numbers *1

9, All championship category riders must have a valid Silver or Gold BC membership at the time of the event and should also have qualified through their relevant regional series.

Pre-Registration Information
1, After a Region's Race Series is complete or the regionally defined qualification stage is reached, and no later than September 11th, the Region will provide BC HQ (Roger Wilbraham) with a full list of riders proposing to take part in the championships in Microsoft Excel - a pro forma is provided. Please ensure you use the format for class and club shown at the top of the Pro forma - any errors will cause the rider to be put in the wrong class, club, team or region! Each rider MUST have the correct plate number shown. NOTE - PROFORMA TO BE ISSUED TO REGION SECRETARY

2, If you are unsure that a rider is taking part, please include them in the list as it is easier to remove them after rider check in.

Rider Check in - Saturday 10am until 1pm in the Bar Area or trackside
1, A copy of each Region's riders pro forma list will be provided in the Regional Registration area. Each Region will have one designated area.

2, Any deletions or corrections to the list must be clearly noted in writing on the Registration sheet.

3, At the close of Registration, and no later than 1:30pm, each Region must bring their rider sheets with the correct money to the Admin Area. Race Fees are £20.00 for all categories. There are no discount structures for this event.

4, As soon as possible after all regions have provided their final rider registration list to Race Administration, a list will be published of all riders by class on the track display boards. It is the rider's responsibility to check their entry and report any errors to Race Administration no later than 30 minutes before the start of racing. No changes will be accepted after that time and any incorrect entries may be disqualified.

Racing Information
1, BC BMX Racing Regulations apply to all events over the weekend.

2, The Race Format will be as per National Series Regulations with the exception that there are no B Finals. Where there are run offs to decide tied results after Moto 3 they will be run immediately after the Motos.

• Each Regions top 20 results count towards the Regions score.
• Each Club's top 6 results count towards the Clubs score.
• Each Team's top 4 results count towards the Teams score.

4, Club and Team Points are awarded according to the National Series system except positions 5-8 semi finalists, who will also receive points.

5, Combined classes will be split out before points and trophies are awarded.

Riders Parade
1, The Riders Parade is open to all competing riders and club officials who will parade part of the track without bikes.
2, It is each region's responsibility to organise their clubs and ensure that all riders are ready to start the parade when requested. The order of the regions will be announced prior to the parade.
3, No animals will be allowed in the parade.

British Championship Presentation
1, This will take place in the marquee 30 minutes after racing has finished.

2, The Elite 20" Class payment is;
1st £400 2nd £250 3rd £200 4th £150 5th £125 6th £100 7th £85 8th £70

3, The Championship Female and Junior Men payment is;
1st £100 2nd £80 3rd £70 4th £60 5th £50 6th £40
7th £30 8th £20

4, Payout for Club Champs
1st £200.00 + award 2nd £125.00 3rd £100.00 4th £75.00 5th £50.00 6th £25.00

Other awards: Best Supported Region, Top Points Region, Top Points Team