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Hayes Hawks BMX Club Suffers Major Break-In

Posted: 22nd January 2010 | Source: Hayes Hawks BMX Club

UPDATE: Scott from Hayes Hawks has passed on the good news that much of the equipment stolen in a recent burglary at the club has now been recovered.

Scott contacted us on the 23rd and said: "Just to let you know we got a call from the Police last night and they found most of our bikes in a garage close to the track. We collected them and they have an idea who it is who stole them."

Original Story

On Tues 12th Jan, Hayes Hawks BMX Club at Lake Farm Country Park, Hayes, had its container broken into and all 33 of its BMX bikes stolen, along with a generator, helmets and gloves.

The Botwell Safer Neighbourhoods Team reported the break in around 6.30pm and remained at the scene till the club volunteers came onsite to secure the container again and remove any other items of value..

The BMX Club are only just getting over the last theft from their container last Feb 09, when over £3,000 worth of equipment was stolen.

Club Chairman Scott Dick, said , " This is devasting for the club. It will affect the whole fabric of what this club is all about and the service we provide to the local community. It's like they (the thieves) are stealing from the kids. Local parents and children come here every week to use the bikes and the safety equipment at a reduced rate. The club provides a cheap introduction into our sport and offer's free BMX Sessions in the holidays which includes bike hire and free coaching. This could take us months, if not years to get back to the level we were operating at until this happened.

These thieves came prepared and knew what they were after and must have took sometime to actually break in and then move 33 bikes away from the park. So someone must have seen something when all of this was going on."

The Club may have to look at the way it operates in the future and what it provides to the local community, until such time as we have a secure facility at Lake Farm with power, lights and a fence. This is soul destroying for everyone at the club and how do you explain to a six year old that he has not got a bike to ride on anymore when he comes down to the track."

If anyone knows anything or saw anything can they contact the local Botwell Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The Hayes Hawks BMX Club hope to set up donations and sponsorship via their website in the next week, so go to for more info.