Report: BMX World Championships

Report: BMX World Championships

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Report: BMX World Championships

Team USA took out the BMX World Championships with Donny Robinson taking gold and Mike Day silver  in Adelaide, Australia. Olympic winner and outgoing World Champion Maris Strombergs could only manage fourth. If you missed the livecast we've video highlights of the event above.

The Team GB report:

Brits Marcus Bloomfield and Liam Phillips made it through the qualifiers and into the 1/8 Finals, where they both advanced through their rounds in third place. Bloomfield had a tough match but beat Maris Strombergs on his first outing, displaying his potential for a great evening.

The gate for the quarter finals was a different prospect however, with both Phillips and Bloomfield in the same heat and Strombergs lining up against them it was always going to be a hard ask to qulaify through to the semi's. Sitting in fifth, Phillips made a move in turn one, but blew straight over the top and out of the race. This crash delayed Bloomfield, who now sat dead last with no chance of qualification. Some consolation was that this round was the fastest of the night so far at 27 seconds - compared to 27.8 in the previous moto.

We'll have the full post-Worlds roundup as the team returns from Australia.


Senior Men
1. Donny Robinson (USA)
2. Mike Day (USA)
3. Ramiro Marino (ARG)
4. Maris Strombergs (RSA)
5. Nick Long (USA)
6. Luke Madill (AUS)
7. Andres Jiminez (COL)
8. Khalen Young (AUS)

Senior Women
1. Sarah Walker (NZL)
2. Eva Ailloud (FRA)
3. Arielle Martin (USA)

Junior Men
1. Sam Willoughby (AUS)

Junior Women
1. Camille Meyran (FRA)

Don't know what the World Championships are all about? Check out the video below which should give you a taste for the event.

And while you're at it, here's the course profile.