BMX racing national and series winners crowned in Birmingham

BMX racing national and series winners crowned in Birmingham

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Callum Russell, Sienna Harvey, Matthew Hutt and Freia Challis took final round wins in Lloyds Bank National BMX Series in Birmingham, while Emily Hutt and George Hunt secured the national titles.

Round 9

In the men's superclass category, Birmingham BMX Club rider Callum Russell got off to a perfect start and led the lap from start to finish. Behind, George Hunt (Ice Bikes UK Factory Team) was able to dive under Jos Marnham in the first berm to go on and take the second, while Callum's brother Bradley rounded off a perfect day for the Russell family to take third place. Marnham was still able to take the overall series title in the superclass category with consistent performances all season.

Callum Russell said:

"Birmingham is always a favourite of mine, being my home track growing up and progressing there since I started BMX - it was great to put on a show for the club.

"My favourite part of the weekend was racing my younger brother. He has progressed massively over the past few months coming back from some time off so it was good to have some fun with him in the moto's and see him on the podium both days also."

The championship women class saw another battle between Sienna Harvey (Crucial BMX) and Freia Challis (Absolute BMX), with the pair locking elbows as they burst down the start hill. Challis was able to power her way into the lead going into the first berm, before Harvey spotted an opportunity to make a pass on Challis. Pinning Challis onto the pro side of the straight, Harvey was able to take a well deserved maiden win as Challis suffered a crash, but luckily came away unscathed. Staystrong riders Betsy Bax and Elsa Rendall-Todd were neck-and-neck going down the third straight but it was Rendall-Todd who just managed to hold on for second place, with Bax finishing in third.

Sienna Harvey

Harvey said:

"This weekend went really well for me coming away with my first ever national win in the championship women on Saturday after a great battle all day with the other girls and a second place on Sunday which I am also super pleased with in such a competitive group of girls.

"I loved racing in Birmingham and the club put on an amazing national weekend as usual. The track was in amazing condition and was such a fun track to race on."

Peckham Challengers rider Xander Mavolwane Wright took a fantastic win in the junior open final, while Ned Penny (Absolute BMX) took second ahead of Danny Jake Monforte (Peckham Challengers).

Round 9 results

Round 10

In the superclass category, it was Matthew Hutt (Concept Meybo) that got off to a flyer of a start and posted the fastest lap of the day to take the win. The Russell brothers were having a great battle and it was Callum that sent a perfect high-low pass in the last berm to take second place with Bradley finishing in third.

Hutt said:

"This weekend was a funny one as Saturday I really wasn’t in it at all racing wise and just found it hard to get into any kind of headspace at all to race hard. But after watching all of my races back that night and picking out things that could be better, Sunday was a completely different day.

"The final came around and I knew I needed to get a really good start to even be competitive in general in it as the local boys were so fast round the track all weekend. Birmingham is a really good track to race on and definitely one of the best in the country. All in all one of the most enjoyable race weekends of the season."


Challis rode a perfect lap in the championship women category to take another win after a dominant showing this season, while rider Harvey took second place ahead of Staystrong rider Bax who looked really strong this weekend and took the final spot on the podium. Challis' win and consistent performance all season saw her take the overall series title.

Challis said:

"A weekend of highs and lows - Saturday ended with a crash in the final, walking away sore but ready to go and race again Sunday and give it everything. I wasn’t feeling 100% but happy to come away with the win to wrap up the national series.

"Friday, racing the national championship and coming home with the win and the jersey was a highlight of the weekend. My favourite part of the weekend has to be just the atmosphere around the track, and Absolute BMX team bringing home the title in the elite team.

"Next up for me is Latvia European rounds - a new track for me and I can’t wait to be back racing on European circuit. Then the British championships at the end of August is a huge highlight of the year and can’t wait for the atmosphere throughout the weekend."

In the junior open final, Monforte took a narrow victory over Penny to secure the overall series title, with Prostart BMX rider Gabe Simpson taking third place.

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Round 10 results

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National Championships

The Lloyds Bank National BMX Racing Championships took place on Friday, with world under-23 silver medallist Emily Hutt (Runnymede Rockets) taking the women's under-23 win, while George Hunt (Ice Bikes UK Factory Team) secured the men's under-23 win.

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