Isidore and Green speed to BMX National Series success

Isidore and Green speed to BMX National Series success

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A challenging track and high winds saw Bournemouth’s first HSBC UK | National BMX Series stage in a decade become a weekend of upsets.

The cancellation of Saturday’s Round 11 after dangerous winds of over 40mph left riders with just one more round to fight over the last remaining points for the overall serious win.

And Sunday’s tight racing saw a tussle between Quillan Isidore and Curtis Manaton keep spectators entertained throughout the motos.

In the final Manaton took the holeshot, assuming his usual position at the head of the race, with Isidore close on his wheel.

As Manaton headed for home, Isidore pipped him on the home straight to take the win, with Eddie Moore close behind in third.

“It’s always good to get the win,” said the 22-year-old.

“I wanted to come and get some extra racing. I really like the track, it was a shame about the wind but that didn’t affect me too much.

“I had a couple of hiccups, but nothing that hampered

“Curtis was my main rival as per usual. He led out every single race and I managed to pick him off three times out of the four on the last straight, and that style I think that makes for more exciting racing.”

Charlotte Green dominated proceedings in the Championship Women with a clean sweep of all her motos as well as the final.

Behind her the race was on for the runner up spots between recent world’s winner Emily Green and youngster Emily Hutt.

It was Hutt, who managed to edge her way to second ahead of Green to round up and excellent season for both.

Once again it was the Junior Men that proved all the drama of the day.

Just 30 points separated the top three riders in the overall series, with Matt Hutt leading the way, closely followed by Tyreese Bradshaw and Chad Hartwell.

There was everything to play for going into the final, where Bradshaw got the holeshot leading the race from the front, Hartwell close on his wheel with Hutt fighting for position.

A touch of wheels, saw Hutt crash on the second bend, leaving his rivals Bradshaw and Hartwell take their fight to the line, while Hutt limped home in a disappointing seventh.

Meanwhile Bradshaw looked like he had the win sown up but coming into the final straight a final push by Hartwell, saw him take the win right on the line.

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HSBC UK | National BMX Series | 2019 | Rounds 11-12