Report: Ipswich BMX Summer Series Round 2

Report: Ipswich BMX Summer Series Round 2


Ipswich BMX Club recently staged the round 2 of its British Cycling Go-Ride Racing, Summer Series. Weather conditions were good with just a slight cross wind blowing from left to right down the first straight to challenge riders.

Racing consisted of three classes of four motos (heats). Riders were ranked based on their finishing positions in each of the four motos.

The first (formula 3) saw Abi Pike use her experience again to make it two wins from the first two rounds. Luke and Jake Taylor exchanged positions from round one with Jake securing the second spot on the podium leaving Luke in third.

Formula 2 saw Megan Grant crash again in her first moto. Despite missing her second race as she recovered, Megan finished strongly in her final two races to take third place. Liam Rendall had an excellent debut race. Consistent rides were enough to earn him the second spot. Formula 2’s winner by some margin was the fast improving Alfie Cole who won all but one of his races.

The final class of the evening was formula 1. Alex Pike showed tenacity as he made third place spot his own. John Lillingstone used the race as a training session, coming from behind in each race. Lillingstone had to settle for second however as he failed to pass class winner Matt Hillyard in the final race.

Round 3 of the Summer Series is at Landseer Park, Ipswich on June 4st. Registration closes at 6.30pm.


Formula 3
1 Abi Pike
2 Jake Taylor
3 Luke Taylor
4 Hayden Gladwell

Formula 2
1 Alfie Cole
2 Liam Rendall
3 Megan Grant
4 Ethan Milner’Moore
5 Coby Newman

Formula 1
1 Matt Hillyard
2 John Lillingstone
3 Alex Pike
4 Kyle Gladwell
5 Jake Newman
6 Lee Matthews

For further information please visit the club's website here.